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Some of them are about old cars (Haynes etc), II world war, antiques, household , photography, models, boating   etc.


                                                SHORTWAVE MAGAZINES

Dec. 1973,Feb 1974, March 1974, Dec 1975,

Jul 1984, Sept 1984

2001 Oct, 2002 - Jul, Aug, Sept twice .Oct. Dec,2003-all year+ 2 sp, scanning scene twice,2004-Jan


Apr 1972,Jan 1974,Mar 1976,May 1976,Sept.1976, Dec 1976,Mar 1983,Sept 1983, Mar 1988,


Jan 1967, Mar 1967


Feb 1963


Jan 1972, Oct 1972


AUG 1976


Jan 1988


DEC 1974




Jun 1952


Oct 1975, Mar 1980, 2001- July


Mar -Apr 1967


Feb 1990                and M.B Leisurecraft electronic kits& components catalogue for r/c modeller



Oct and Dec 1968,Feb + Mar + May  + Sep 1969,Sept 1986, Nov 1986, May 1986,Jun 1986, Aug 1986


Mar 1979, Apr 1979,Jan 1980,

PIFCO CATALOGUE        1974-75


SEPT 1964


Feb 1984


Sept 1952,Oct 1952,Nov 1952, Dec 1952


Oct 1941, Nov 1941;Apr 1947,Dec 1982,May 1947,Jun 1947,Jan 1948,Feb 1949,Aug 1949,Oct1949,Nov.1950,Aug 1951,Oct 1952,Jan 1955,Aug 1958,Nov 1958,May 1964 (TV black level correction), Nov 1965 (big book- Electronics in medicine),Aug 1975,Jul 1976,May 1981, Jun 1984 (Electronics and Wireless world)


Sept.1947Sep 1948

Feb 1958,Mar 1958,Apr 1958,Ma 1958,Jul 1958,Aug 1958,Se 1958,Oc 1958,Dec 1958

Ja 1959,Fe 1959,Mar 1959,Ma 1959,Jun 1959,Jul 1959,Aug 1959,Sep 1959,Dec 1959,

Jan to Dec 1960,

Jan to Dec 1961,

Ja 1962,Feb 1962,Ma 1962,June to Dec 1962,

Jan 1963, Mar 1963,Ap 1963,May 1963,Jun 1963,Jul 1963, Au 1963, Sep 1963,Oct 1963,Nov 1963,

Feb 1964,Mar 1964,Jul 1964,Aug 1964,Oct 1964,Nov 1964

Ap 1965, Ma 1965,Sep 1965,No 1965, Amat. rad. Call book 1965,Dec 1965

Apr 1966,Feb 1966, Mar 1966,May 1966,Jun 1966,Aug 1966,Sep 1966,Amat. rad. Call book 1966,

Au 1967,Sep 1967,Oct 1967,Nov 1967

+spare :

Oct 1957, Apr 1958,Jul 1958, Dec 1959,Feb 1962,Dec 1962

the sidebander- May 1961 Jan 1962

Sep 1967,Nov 1967,



Ja 1951  to De 1951,

Jan to Dec 1952, Dec 1952, Nov.1952

Ja 1960 to Jun 1960,Jul 1960, Au 1960, Se 1960, Oc 1960,Nov 1960,DEC 1960,

Sep 1961,Jun 1966,Se 1966,Oct 1975,Jan 1977,Fe 1977,



Fe 1968,Mar 1968,Apr 1968,au 1968,Oct 1968,dec 1968

Feb 1969,Mar 1969, Oct 1969

Feb 1970,Dec 1981,Feb 1982,Oct 1983,

Jan 1984,Fe 1984,Aug 1984,Sept 1984,Oct 1984,Nov 1984,Dec 1984

Jan to Sep 1985,Nov 1985,Dec 1985

Apr 1986,May 1986, Aug 1986,Se 1986,Oct 1986,Nov 1986,Dec 1986,

Ja 1987,Feb 1987,Mar to Jul 1987,Aug 1987,Oct 1987,No 1987,

Jan 1988,Apr 1988,Oct 1988,Dec 1988,Ja 1989, Feb 1989,

+ spare :

May 1986, Sep 1986,Oct 1986,Dec 1986,Feb 1987, Mar 1987,Apr 19-87, Jun 1987

                                                                                WORLD RADIO

ABOUT 50  LOOSE SHEET OF 1936, 1938 AND 1939 - The BBC foreign programme journal with full information for the listener and viewer   Jan 1936 till June 1939 750 g £ 30 + postage cost

                                                Vintage radio 1989 issue N. 0

                The Vintage wireless company 1986- Antique wireless catalogue 166 pages !!!

                                NATIONAL RADIO-ELECTRIC BULLETIN Nov. 1936   £3

All sorts of old service manuals, service sheets

RADIO NEWS SPECIAL 1944  Feb US Army signal corps   £17

The WAR years 1 Eyewitness accounts from World War II 1939 The day War broke out&Daily express from Aug. 1945, Berlin Air lift June 1948 to Sept.1949- map,

Images of War 1939-1945 The real story of World War II 52 A Marshall Cavendish Collection..  £18 the lot

History of the First World war Cruise of the Emden & Gallipoli the first shock & The death of Kitcheners & Kitchener’s new armies &Jutland (The world’s biggest sea battle & Heligoland The first Sea Battle &The fall of Warsaw & Germany’s bid for sea power & Jutland night action &Forcing the narrows & Gallipoli evacuated £20 each or £165 for whole collection (of eleven)


                                                Practical Photography

1964- Oct.,1965-Sept.,1968-Sep.,Nov,Dec,1969-March,April, May

                                                Amateur photography

1972 Sept, 1973-May,


Model boats

1973 Sept, 1974-July,                                                                                          


MACWESTER 30 sail plan, Macwester 28 deck detail, Halmatic eight 80 booklet, Macwester  Malin,  Seaforth, 27, 28 30 and 31 specs

Midget MW2 3,5-7 BHP and other models, orig. specs


Admiralty tidal stream atlas THE ENGLISH AND BRISTOL CHANNELS

SYMBOLS AND ABBREVIATIONS used on Admiralty charts 5011

The Sailors’s world by Arthur |Beiser Photogr. By Stan Rosenfeld beautiful big hard back

Grant Dalton Glen Sowry Endeavour Winning the Whitbread

Victoria 34 Victoria marine Ltd colourfull brochure- very nice

                                                                Aquarist and pondkeeper

1964 to 1972  four for £1 + Aquariums by Anthony Evans Bsc. 1993  £2

                                                RADIO CONTROL MODEL WORLD

1977 July, 1985 NOV

                                                Metal detecting 1979 May

                                RIPMAX MODELLERS HANDBOOK


+The Swedish Warship Wasa £2

+Home Boat Building…made easy  £2

+Clipper ships and  The Cutty sark compiled by David Johnson £8

+Private Eye 1970 June

+Meccano mag. 1967 Apr.May June

+Antiques for decoration 1971

                                                HOT ROD and CUSTOM

1979 jan +sept

                                                CAR MECHANICS        1978 nov

                                                CUSTOM CAR

1981 Sept  and 1988 Dec


-The first magazine on the sport in the World  1976 April

                                                MOTOR SPORT

1946 June, 1967 Jan, Feb, April ,1966- Dec 1968 Jan, Feb,April Nov, Dec. 1969 April, May, Jun,August, Sept 1970 Jan, to April, 1977 Sept, 1978 May, Aug, 1979 MarApr

750 bulletin Mar to May and  Aug and Oct . 1988,  Feb 1989

                                                Motor Commerce

The motor trade monthly June 1940

                                Flat out for league fame The Champion 3D Jan. 1947

                                The CS.M.A. Gazette

Apriln 1949...The journal of the civil service motoring association, Ltd


1964 Sept Oct Nov Dec, 1965 full year + one special issue, 1966- all year but  August issue + two special issues - one Beginners guide to home improvements , 1967 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Sept Oct Nov, 1971 Apr

                                                DO IT YOURSELF

1964 Sept. 1972 Feb, 1973 May, 1975 Feb        + PICTURE POST (INVESTIGATE a treatment for cancer 1950 ) £4

                                                ANITIQUE FINDER

1970 TO 1972  TWO FOR £1 + Antiques for gifts and Discovering antiques  £1-50


1979 June- Meet the vicar of the talking trains… <>-

                                                                WHICH ?

1966- April  ( Personal radios)+Radio receiver YURA instruction for use  - ALL MINI, £ 4  both

                                                The Bicycle

Vol. 21 June 26,June 1946, Oct. 1946


June 1946, April 1946

                                                Air training corps gazette

14th of Dec  and 28th of Dec 1944, 11th of Jan and 25th of Jan. , 8th of Feb and 22th of Feb 1945,  March1944, Feb 1944, March 1945, June  to August 1945, Nov.1945,Nov.1944, Apr 1945,Oct 1944,Dec 1942, Jan 1945, April to May 1945,  May to Aug 1944, Aug. to Sept.1945,  Feb 1945, March 1945, Apr.1943, Oct 1945

                                                The Aeroplane Spotter

6th of Apr.and 20th of April  toMay 1946, April 1945, 3rd of May and 17th of May,31st of May 1945,June 1945Nov.1946, June, 12th of July  and 26th of July , Aug. 1945, Oct.1945,March 1946,  Aug. 1946, Mar to 5th of April  and 1945, Feb. 1946, Jan 1947

                                                The  WOODWORKER

Feb.1916, April 1913, Jan 1915, May 1914

Hobbies handbook 1944, Neptune  Number 17, The NAVY 1944 May,

The second Great War a standard histry edited by Sir John Hammerton No.69

The War Illustrated No. 187 Aug 1944

Hobbytrends annual 1976/77  



1.       Sold

2.       Austin seven  in the Thirties Brooklands books   £9

3.       Austin seven  1922-1982 Brooklands books  £9

4.       Sold

5.       Sold

6.       Austin seven  by Chris Harvey, hard back 1988 very nice £15

7.       Sold

8.       Sold

9.       The Austin seven  source book , very very thick, beautiful- like new only £37

10.    Sold

11.    Sold

12.    Villiers 65 cc lightweight four stroke industrial engine operating instructions £1

13.    sold

14.    Brockhouse industrial “spryt” engine  operating and maintenance manual £2

15.    Super single 50  5 HP outboard motor operating instructions and spare parts listsBritish  If found  01772-635521 wants it              £2

16.    sold

17.    Sold

18.    Sold

19.    Qualcast operating manual and spare parts list Royal blade De Luxe 14 " mower

20.    Qualcast model 871 two stroke engine  spare parts list  £2

21.    Mercury marine outboards merc 500.402 operation and maintenance manual £2

22.    Sold

23.    The ford eight handbook  (incl. Anglia models to 1950 Pitmans- Staton Abbey £4

24.    JAP model 80 type 71 two-stroke engine  spare parts list £2

25.    Sold

26.    Reed’s NAUTICAL ALMANAC 1978 THICK a5 BOOK  £10

27.    Reeds NAUTICAL ALMANAC 1975 THICK a5 BOOK  £10

28.    Sold

29.    Sold

30.    Rank and badges in the Navy, Army, R.A.F. and auxiliaries  1942. £3

31.    Autobook 950-- Austin 1100, Morris Mk2+3, MG1300, Riley Mk 1-2-3, Banden Plas GT, Wolseley Princess America 1968-1974 by K.Ball  £3

32.    Autodata RENAULT 5 L-TL-TS-GTL-GORDINI--FROM 1972CAR REPAIR manual  £3

33.    sold

34.    Sold

35.    Haynes OPEL Ascona and MANTA B series 1975-1977   £3

36.    HaynesVauxhall cavalier (petrol) 1981 - 1988  £3

37.    HaynesVauxhall cavalier 1975-1981  £3

38.    HaynesFiat 850 1964- 1973   £3

39.    sold

40.    HaynesMAZDA RX 7 1979-1985 all models  £3

41.    Sold

42.    Haynes HILLMAN/CHRYSLER IMP 1963-1976   £3

43.    Haynes SAAB 90,99 and 900  1979-1987   £3

44.    sold

45.    Sold

46.    Bedford CA Mk2  service training manual, susp, steering, brakes  £3

47.    Bedford CA Mk2  service training manual transmission, propeller shaft, rear axle  £3

48.    Bedford CA Mk2  service training manual electrical body chassis  £3

49.    Bedford CA Mk2  service training manual engine and clutch  £3

50.    ROVER  2000,2300,2300s,2600s,3500se Vanden plas  repair operation manual sup. £3

51.    Sold

52.    sold

53.    1100  WORKSHOP MANUAL £3

54.    sold

55.    sold

56.    AA- Book of the car 1976   £12

57.    sold

58.    Sold

59.    sold

60.    sold

61.    sold

62.    Lea-Francis 14 HP and 18 HP cars    £3

63.    Sold

64.    sold

65.    Fiat 124 and 124S repair guide. Data repairs overhaul adjustment P.Russek Glovebox ser. 23  £2

66.    Sold

67.    sold

68.    sold

69.    sold

70.    MG 1100 drivers handbook  a BMC publication £2

71.    Sold

72.    Modern Combat aircraft St. Michael 1985 huge beautiful picture book  £11

73.    Sports cars St. Michael 1985 huge beautiful picture book  £11

74.    Fighters of WW II St. Michael 1985 huge beautiful picture book  £11

75.    Bedford light vans  very nice colourful sales brochure £12

76.    Morris 8  general data- all models copy+ operation manual  orig.  Ser. II ( incl. Running, maintenance, adjustment instructions) £20

77.    |Cavalier Haynes owner’s handbook models 1975- 1979 easy to follow servicing guide £ 6

78.    Sold

79.    Sold

80.    Sold

81.    sold

82.    Rover 2000 1963-70 Autobook Autopress Ltd. K.Ball workshop man.  2000 TC, SC 1963-70 £4

83.    PRM 100, 175, 250 gearbox workshop manual 1971 £10

84.    Sold

85.    Sold

86.    Newage marine engines service parts list 1,5 £10

87.    Newage marine engines  service parts list 1,5 £10

88.    Lucas service bulletin digest 1963 £10

89.    Range  Rover repair  Operation manual  £16

90.    Vauxhall CAVALIER OWNERS MANUAL + vAUXHALL CAR & Bedford light van service location guide £5

91.    Opel owners manual Kadet, Ascona, Manta, Rekord  £3


93.    Practical automobile engineering illustrated very nice hard back  £25

94.    Bruno Steiner  FIAT 500, 600, 600D, 850, 124, 124S, 125P, 128 Czech book £9

95.    Wartburg 900, 1000, 312, 353 hard back Czech book  £9

96.    Trabant 600& 601 soft back book  £9

97.    Wartburg 1000 spare parts list book 1971   £9

98.    Fiat 600 spare parts list book 1971   £9

99.    Wartburg 1000 1964  £5

100.Morris eight Ser. I,II, E&Z 1935-1953 INFORMATION MANUAL £20

101.Daimler Sovereign operating, mainenance and service handbook £ 11

102.The Austin eight  running and maintenance instructions 1947  £11

103.The Austin eight list of spares £9

104.Austin eight saloon and van Ser. A.S.I. &A.V.I. SERVICE MANUAL HARD BACK BOOK £25


106. Spare parts for Volga cars in Czech  £9

107.Jaguar XJ6& XJ Plus Daimler Sovereign HAYNES £5

108.Morris eight folder £10

109.Morris& Austin& T20& Lea Francis  history information folder £10

110.Air waves 2004 4 issues for £2

111.Rolls-Royce Bentley 1962 nice colour. Brochure  £8

112.Austin 8 1939  Register

113. The Austin A55 Cambridge (Mk II) &A60 ,Oxford (Ser V & VI), 15/60, 16/60  workshop manual, 1965   £3

114.Triumph Toledo Repair Operation Manual (British Leyland)   £3

115.Leyland Cars Genuine crash parts guide (Unipart)  £3

116.Austin Morris Repair Operation Manual Supplement To be used with Allegro Man. AKM4344 Allegro 3  &Vanden Plas HIF Carburetters A+ Engines   £3

117.British Leyland (Austin -Morris) Ltd Tools and equipment £3

118.Repair Operation Manual MARINA, 1975-ENGINE,clutch, brakes, body etc  £3

119.Workshop manual a BMC Service publication 1800 Ausin Morris Mk I,II&II”S” and 1800 with negative earth WOLSELEY 18/85 Mk I,II&II”S”  £3

120.Workshop manual a BMC Service publication 2200 Ausin Morris WOLSELEY  SIX  £3




124.Victor Ser.101 owners handbook  1967 Operation and maintenance instructions  £3

125.Vauxhall Victor Ser. Owners Handbook 1971  £3


127. Austin Rover Marina 440/575 VAN, 575 Pick-up, 1978 onwards &Ital 1980 onwards Service Repair Operation Manual 1981  £3

128.Vauxhall Victor TS 460 owners handbook  £5

129.Sunny &Cherry L,GL,GS,SGL,DX  from 1982  Autodata Car repair manual  £3


131.Triumph Dolomite 1300-1500 repair operation manual, 1976  £3

132.Austin Morris PRINCESS 2 MODELS 1700,2000&2200  REPAIR OPERATION MANUAL £3

133.MINI METRO training workbook  £3




137.Morris, Austin, MG1100 - incl. 72 illustration by D.MW.Palmer  £3

138.Owner,s handbookAustin 1100,1300Mk1,2,3 from 1963, Austin America, 1300 GT from 1969 and Countryman from 1966 and GT Mk1,2, 1962-71 and Traveller 1966-73, MG 1100,1300 Mk 1,2  1962-71 and Riley Kestrel 1100, 1300 Mk 1,2  1965-69 and Vanden Plas Princess 1100, 1300 from 1963 and Wolseley 1100, 1300 Mk 1,2  1965-73 by K. Ball  £3

139.Pitman’s All in one book of the Renault 4 from Oct.1965 by Staton Abbey  £3 each

140.Sales brochure to Nissan Terrano II  £2

141. Magazine- YOUR CLASSIC PREVIEW 1989

142.Daily Express New road book of Great Britain- maps by George Philip&son,Ltd- old








150.Better golf definitely! A new 2 point plan by Jessie Valentine as told to George Houghton

151.Science at war by J G Crowther and R Whiddington, CBE, FRS 1947


153.Sunday 1898 reading for the young

154.Education in Communist China RF Price WES






160. The war illustrated complete record of the conflict by land and sea and in the air by Sir John Hammerton- Editor of The War Illustrated 1914-1919 World War I was there Vol 2,6 and 8

161.The Walkabouts by Mike Saunders 1975


163.Pelican original -Know your own IQ -H.J.Eysenck

164.Journal of the Derbyshire archeological and natural history society 1956

165.Members handbook England &Wales ,Scotland 1959-60- hotels,garages,service map AAA








173.The battle of  Britain Aug- Oct. 1940

174.How to run committees and meetings- Michael Locke




178. Sunday Graphic July 1948 RAF- Robertson, Tedder meet in Berlin

179.Instruction book for Bedford CAS&CAL petrol-engined models 1963

180.The Sermon on The Mount 1511? Old

181.Supplement to Bedford CA Service Training Manual 1963

182.Vauxhall Bedford Training manual Ser. CA big book

183.Bartholomews Historical map of London cloth

184.The Daily Telegraph Map of the World big new

185.The Daily Telegraph Map of the World big WAR

186.Map of UK

187.Chetnole Estate 1919 Map !

188.Ordnance Survey map of Sidmouth district Coloured edition 1inch to 1 mile 1912

189.Ordnance Survey map of SW Cornwall &Scilly Isles district Coloured edition inch to 1 mile 1925

190.Practical Woodworking  Feb.1975

191.Schematic connection diagrams for single phase induction motors

192.Sabb diesel Model 2H 2HG. 2HSP INSTRUCTION BOOK

193.Sabb diesel Model 2H Spare parts catalogue in Germ& English

194. Guide to tall ships, Navigation Lights for Yachts

195.MAPS PRINTED 1860 Coloured 19”x14” all British counties  by EDWARD WELLER £25 EACH and Coloured world countries also 27”x19”- nice for framing by T.Ettling and E.Weller  £25-£35 each

196.LMS map of England &Wales

197.Rifle training for war A textbook for local defence volunteers by Cpt.E.H.Robinson 1940

198.The Sailors world TA Hampton 1968

199.Motorwau driving- Institute of advanced motorists manual 1989

200.Road craft The Police drivers manual 1989

201.Road technology Vol.1 J.H.Arnison 1967

202.The book of the Maxi- Staton Abbey Care and service manual

203.Morris Minor 1000

204.Daily express war map of the Pacific

205.Hardwick Hall

206.The Kingdom overseas Apr. 1968

207.One inch Map Buxton &Matlock 1956 an Nottingham 1950

208.I-SPY Ship and boats

209.Evinrude outboard motors 1967

210.Sailing by John Davies

211.Fishing boats and their equipment Dag Pike

212.West country Passengers steamers by Grahame Farr

213.Radio control model boats by Philip Connolly and Vic Smeed

214.Halfords body care and repairs

215.Notes on Meteorology Kemp&Young

216.Map of Arctic ocean&arctic ocean floor

217.AA Members’ handbook 1972-73

218.Now get 50 Miles per gallon -How to double the performance of your car 1969 V Lombardi

219.Autocar 18.3.1971- New cars and prices

220.Heroic hawkers aeroplanes war

221.This is the Royal Navy

222.Aeromodelling- planes/boats/pre-tensioned rubber motors/radio control..Keilkraft handbook £12

223.Titan 20”-Bornemouth designed by Phil Smith- model boat

224.Mini Moke 1964-1989 new Brooklands road tes book-pre-production/English &Australian&Portugese production/Off road/Racing/Cult/Unusual   £20

225.Aurora-instructions for assembling-Armed command junk Kit 437   £2

226.Sunday express magazine-The Royal wedding 29 July 1981 souvenir issue  £8

227.Radio amateur prefixes alphabetical &by countries on huge map of world  £14

228.Coastguard-The magazine of the Coastguard agency Aug.1996   £2

229.Tidal  stream atlas-The channel islands and adjacent coast of France 1970  £10

230.Map of Guernsey- The charming channel Isle with detailed plan of St.Peter Port £2

231.Seafix Seafarer range -Radio direction finder-Operating and servicing instructions  £10

232. Rya 1972-International regulations for preventing collisions at sea- annotated for yachtsmen £9

233.Tamar 2000 range orig. leaflet s  £2

234.Coastal navigation- a new absorbing error-proof way to teach yourself  £16

235.G plan 1968 dinning room etc. furniture designes,chairs, sofas, colours  £4

236.Notes on inter island passages from Guernsey/Seafix radio direction finder-oper.&servicing instructions/RYA/DTI yacht master (offshore) dhore based course-assessment papers&notes £12

237.UKWMO Fylingdales,Yorkshire : radar detects an attack on this country.. Nuclear  £8

238.The ebbco sextant-its use and adjustment-J.G.P.Weather lake  £4

239.Sailor’s Eye splice (how to make it in man-made fibre rope- marina yacht ropes & prices £6

240.How safe is your craft?- recommended safety equipment for small craft  £2

241.The life-boat magazine spring 1973  £4

242.What ship?-Dave Greenman gives a rundown  on the basic types & drawings.. £6

243.Home waters catalogue 1992 NP 109Admir. Charts & other hudrographic publications £6

244.Yacht ropemanship-How to get the best from your ropes  £4

245.Knotty problems solved-bends and knots explained +breaking loads  £4

246.BVWS bulletin winter 2002  £5

247.The bulletin Vol.29 summer 2004 £5

248.Toyota Land Cruiser (diesel) Haynes Ser. HJ60,61,70,75,HZJ80&HDJ80- 1980 thru 1998  £16

249.Model T Ford restoration handbook  authentic photos by Leslie R.Henry 1965-  £38

250.Yanmar diesel engine service manual PMX  £28

251.Yanmar parts list model PMX6, PMX8   £22

252.Macwester wight class ketch ser. II  £1

253.Royal air force journal June 1944 Vol.2 No.6  £6

254.Roof over Britain-The official story of Britain’s anti-aircraft defences 1939-1942 88 pages £12

255.Bournemouth chart  £7

256.Poster of model aircrafts-standard grammages &stock sizes for Beaublade Nimrod

257.National geographic Sep.1993/May 1997/Oct.1994/Apr.1992/Aug 1994/June 1996/July 2000 £8 ea

258.Auror catalog - scale model hobby kits  £8

259. Saab diesel Type 2H spare parts catalogue- like new £10

260. Volta's VIRE 7 HP  £4

261. THE SERIOUS II DOLPHIN marine yacht engine £4

262. Salvage of steam Launch Dolly- The oldest mechanically powered boat in the world- orig

Garden machinery etc.

Wilks- fendering,PVC &aluminium &rubber profiles

Lawn King Mod 1990 Castel Garden TR 10/67,TR 12/67,TR12/92 ride on mower manual

Tomos 10 and 18

Tomos 3.5-4 (4.5-4.8 )operation and Technical manual outboard motor

Tomos 3-3.5,  4-4.5

Tomos 3, 4 and 4 electronic

Tomos 3-3.5, 4-4.5

Yamaha owners manual YLM346/S/SE, YLM345SR/SER

Yamaha owners manual  YLE242P/S/PR/SR

Tecumseh engine BV153, BV173

Tecumseh engine BVL153, BVL173, BVL198 AB- 5 HP

Briggs& Stratton Quantum 12A800,12B700,12B800,12C700,12C800,12D800,12F700,12F800,12G700,12G800,12H700,12H800,12J700,12J800,12L700,12L800,12T700,12T800,12U800,12V800,12W800,127700,127800,128700,128800,129700,129800

Homelite HR18&HR18XL domestic rotary mower

McCulloch chain saw Mini Mac 832AV & 833AV 32cm, MAC 835AV& 836&837 AV( 35cm)and MAC 838AV, 838AV &MAC CAT 839 (38cm)

Rover petrol lawnmower 30, 70 Briggs&Stratton

Yamaha parts catalogue YLE242P(JK91),YLE242S (JL01),YLE242PR (JL11), YLE242SR (JL21)

Yamaha parts catalogue  YT3600 (JF81)

Yamaha parts catalogue  YLM342P (JK31), YLM342S (JK41), YLM342SE (JK51), YLM342PR (JK61), YLM352SR (JK71) & YLM342SER (JK81)

Yamaha part cat.21”YLM453P (JE31),YLM453S (JE41),YLM453SE (JE51),YLM453SBE (JE61)

Yamaha parts catalogue  YLM446P (JA83), YLM446S (JA93), YLM446SE (JE03), YLM446SB (JF92), YLM446SBE (JE13)

Yamaha parts cat.  YLM453S (JE43),YLM453SE (JE53),YLM453SB (JG02),YLM453SBE (JE63)

Yamaha parts catalogue   YLM446P (JA81,82),YLM446S (JA91,92), YLM446SE (JE01,02), YLM446SB (JF91), YLM446SBE (JE11,12)

Yamaha Service manual YLM553/SE/SB/SBE

Yamaha Service manual  YLM446P, YLM446S, YLM446SE, YLM446SB, YLM446SBE, YLM453S, YLM453SE, YLM453SB, YLM453SBE

Yamaha Service manual  YLM346P/S/SE, YLM346SR/SER

Yamaha Service manual  YT3600

Yamaha Generator parts cat.EFC1400,120V (50,60Hz-7R7),  220V-7R8  & 240V (50HZ- 7R9)

Yanmar diesel tractor oper. Manual YM186 & YM186D

EKECTRIC WINCH (Permanent magnet motor)- assembly & Operat. Manual

Woods operators manual Model L59Y186 Yanmar

Yanmar tillers, Lawn&garden ride on mowers & tractors 2004

Rexon DP-200A, DP-250 Drill press we have and use !

Wheel horse parts manual- Lawn Ranger Pioneer in tractoring 8 HP

Masport parts and price catalogue-Bolens..

Yamaha owners manual Outboard motor 2/3.5   5B

Yamaha supplementary service manual YLM346/S/SE,  YLM346SR/SER

Fujiheavy’s Robin engine model EY15D INSTRUCTIONS


Tomos outboad motors and motorbikes- spare parts, manuals

BOOKS AND MANUALS  - NOW third of  THE LISTED PRICE (depends how many you buy)


                             Pre WWII - other bound volumes (Admiralty handbooks)

6. Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy Vol.1 BR 229. Magnetism and electricity 1938 £20

9. Admiralty handbook - wireless telegraphy theory Volume II 1938, BR 230 (thicker book)  £ 25

                       Pre WWII Admiralty handbooks 5 more bound

11.Admiralty h. BR 229 Vol I, 1938, same as N.8       £15

12.Admiralty handbook BR 230 Vol.II same as N. 9     £25

13.Adm. Handbook BR 229 Vol I 1938 same as N.8  £15

14.Adm. h. BR230 Vol II 1938 same as N.9   £25

15.Admiralty handbook BR 230, Vol II 1938 same as N.14 and N.9   £25

18.Principals of electronics by L.T.Agger B.E. 1956 £10

23.High frequency measurements by August Hund 1933, Ist edition (II-imp) Mcgraw-Hill New York

   "Essential for N.8 hats"    £25

24.Radio installations, their design and maintenance by W.E.Pannett,1951, still applicable in some    sections


25.Electricity and magnetism  and their applications by Dugald.C.Jackson New York  printing 1932.    Pictures                of Ben Franklin and Volta - very good   £30

26.Handbook of technical instruction for wireless telegraphists, seventh edition by H.M.Dowset    and

     L.E.Q.Walker Jan 1942   £30

31.Teach yourself electronics Malcom Plant  has made an excellent job of this one.If you can not    learn from …..this one- give up, paper back   £ 5

32.Teleprinter handbook, second edition RSGB by A.G.Hobbs G8G0J  E.W.Yeomanson G311R …..A.C.GEE.G2UK    1983- What a good book    £25

34. ~Modern radio servicing 1935, by Alfred A.Cirardi. The front of this bound book wants repair (front bottom cadcover only damaged. But 99 % OK. What an absorbing thick book £50

45.Advance handbook for science masters and lecturers by Muter and Bowden 1963.Heard of a    multivibrator …..using 6SN7?   £8

47.Mathematics for technical students, patrone 1944    £ 6

65.Elements of radio servicing, 3rd edition by Marcus+Levy,426 pg 1947    £35

68.Fundamental radio experiments by Rob.C.Higgy 1943,100pgs, probably suit a teacher  £10

69.The cathode ray tube at work  by J.F.Rider first 1935, this 17th printing 1943,USA,good  £25

71.Servicing transistor radios and printed circuits by L.Lane 1959-61-what a good book  £20

73.Elementary magnetism and electricity by Cyril M. Jansky 1914 1st edit., fascinating pictures, old  £35

76.Television servicing handbook 3rd edition by Gordon Jaking 1958-1970, very good book  £20

80.Television receiver servicing E.A.W.Spreadbury (wireless and electric.trader),1957,VolII, This    book goes ….with my N. 12 -lovely pictures    £15

83.    Mathematics for technical schools by Warren +Rutherford Arithmetic and Algebra. June 1930   £5

85.    Colour television picture faults by K.J. Bohlman 1971 soft back, nice as new book £5

86.    ABC of Boolean algebra by Allan Lytel 1963, some by G3XT   £5

89.    The Mazda book of PAL receiver servicing TV by D.J.Seal (Thorn) 1971 excellent book   £ 10

92.    Worked radio calculations by Alfred T. Witts (Pitman) 1943-59 2nd edition for students of radio  £5

95.    An FM tuner  by E.Adler 1955, soft back, nice FM book  £5

100   High fidelity design  (wireless world) 1974, softback, excellent  £12

103   Hawkins electrical guide 4  1917-1929 USA by Theo Audel+ Co  New York, very rare, semi soft cov. £25

105   Radio laboratory handbook  by M.G.Scroggie 2nd edit. around 1943, another famous collectors book  £24

109   Television engineers pocket book by  J.P. Hawker , super little rare book 1954-1958  £15

110   Workshop mathematics part II 1937 by F.Castle, 1st edition was 1900 so its got to be good £8

114   Digital computer principles, Burroughs  corporation 1962, USA, foreword by E.S.Junker (Junkers Ju88 …….was a plane WWII) excellent condition, 507 pages, £15

115   Mathematics for electricians and radio man by N.M.Cooke 1942 First edition (20th imp) 604 pages  £15

116   Electrical and electronic engineering series, McGraw-Hill, Thaler and Brown (servo mechanism analysis) …….like new,1953, ..£18

124   Elementary mathematics for wireless operators 1941 E.E.Crook    £4

127          Wireless amplifier manual N. 2 B.B.Babani  1950   £3

133   Admiralty handbook of wireless telegraphy Vol I 1938, magnetism and electricity BR229 old favourite £24

134   High fidelity. Home music systems W.R.Wellman 1955 USA £15

140   The principals of television reception A.W.Keen 1947  £15

145   Colour television P.S.Carnt GB town send (rough proof 1961)  £10

147   Electricity and magnetism by S.G.Starling 1931-1949 USA £8

161   Radio by John D.Tucker and D.F.Wilkinson 1956, Vol III, 249 pages  £12

166   Booklet on : Aids for the mobile operator (probably 1950-60`s) Bob Palmer  G5PP  £2

172   Radio-TV experimenter Summer 1963, superb pictures+ info+ log  £6

180   Practical maths for advanced technical students 1915 by H.L.Mann USA 1915, 487 pages- thick book £8

182   Modern TV circuit guide and fault finding Bernards 1957  £4

183   Electronic assembly methods Duarte and Duarte 1964, very good, USA ,242 pages  £12

188   2nd book of HiFi loudspeaker enclosures by B.B.Babani N.204, 1974  £3

202   RM  SINGLET set by Paul  Newell, inc. single channel transmitter… radio modeller  £3

205   STC high frequency crystal filters, mostly 10.7 MHz  £3

206   How to improve short wave reception  by John Schroder 1950`s, Danish origin  £5

208   Fundamentals of “Single side band” Collins radio Co. 1957-1958 (2nd ed.1959), superb book- hence  £48

211.The radio amateurs handbook  39th edition  1962 ARRl supre   £50

212   The radio amateurs handbook  33rd edition  1956 ARRl excellent   £55

213   Wireless by P.J Risdon .Introduction by the famous J.A.Fleming, thermionic valve inventor, nearly 100    …….years since this book was printed, 384 pages average condition  £125

214   Amateur radio techniques by Pat Hawrer G3VA RSGB,5th ed. over 700 diagrams 1976 few loose pags £30

217   The book of practical radio  by J.S.Taggart his name was famous for his receivers,1934, condition average, …….some super photos 320 pages   £65

219   Harmsworth wireless encyclopaedia, Volume I, 736 pages by Sir Oliver Lodge, magnificent photos  and …….diagrams, condition good £155

220   Harmsworth wireless encyclopaedia, Vol III, over 700 pgs, wonderful pictures etc., 3 pages repaired £155

221   VHF-UHF manual by G.R.Jessop  G6JP 1969 RSGB  £25

223   Philips guide to  Junior electronics, good condition  £10

224   Reference data for radio engineers 5th edition, I.T.T. 1968, large book from USA , very good condition £35

225   Magnetism and electricity, school certificate, H.Toms 1942 smallish hard back 439 pages  £12

255   The electric eye- theory and practice 1941 Burglar type USA £4

269   Single sideband for the radio amateur ARRL 1958, 2nd edition. This is a collector sought after book, 212 pages plus wonderful pictures in the adverts in the back of the book £20

270   Single sideband ARRL 1962, 3rd edition (similar to 269) 224 pages cover repaired No adverts in rear £18

274   Foundations of wireless A.L.M.Sowerby revised by M.G.Scroggie Wireless world Jan 1943  £15

276   Radio upkeep and repairs A.T. Witts 1957 , 8th edition, 234 pages,   £15

277   Servicing transistor radios and printed circuits, L.Lane 1959-61, rough proof, 264 pages, very good £12

280.Proceeding of the institute of radio engs 1935 Detroit Michigan 1935- 144 pages+   £4

292   Television explained W.E.Miller, E.A.W.Spreadbury 1947 -1960, rough proof   £8

293   Principals of FM (Tx, Rx and radar) B.S.Camies 1959, rough proof  £8

302   Blue book 3rd plenary assembly, Geneva 1964.Telegraph technique. Cover slightly repaired, over 466      pages  £10

303   Radio components, big book RCMF pictures, pictures  lots  £7

307   How to improve radio and TV reception D.T.I. April 1988  £2

308   Getting the best from your colour TV 1974, colo9ur photos  £2

309   same as N.307 but different covers £2

313   Television faults by N.Stevens 1952, over 60 faults  £4

316   Electric computers F.L.Westwater 1967  £4

319   The MERCURY switched FM tuner  (Jason) G.Blundell  £2

326   Electronic computers S.H.Hollingdale, G.C.Tootill 1968  £4

332   Spons electrical pocket book E.W.+W.H. Moles worth , G.W. Stubbings, 1943, 388 pages  £5

334   S.C.R. manual 2nd edition (silicon controlled rectifier, as new) 1961, USA   £8

336   Rapid servicing of transistor equipment, Gordon J.King 1973, as new £4

343   Telephone accessories you can build  Jules H.Gilder  USA £4

346   How to design and make your own P.C.B.`s 1990, R.A.Penfold  £3

348   Beginners guide to colour television by T.L.Squires 1964, 124 pages  £8

349-351   The book of electrical installations Volume 1, over 600 diagrams and illustrations and a series            of models (Caxton) by Rankin Kennedy. These three volumes must be at least 100 years since printed and           in good condition , rare, with embossed hard backs  £160 for three

354   Amateur radio call book 1987, 88th edition RSGB , complete 360 pages  £7

355   How to design and make your own P.C.B.`s,  R.A.Penfold 1988, £3

356   The use of semiconductor  devices 1958, 36 pages booklet £2

357   Definitions and formulae for students by Philip Kemp, electrical booklet  40 pages  1937  £2

362   The super heterodyne receiver by A.T.Witts 1942 hard back 200 pages  £7

363   Worked radio calculations A.J.Witts 1943,  126 pages £5

372   Elementary handbook for wireless operators W.E.Crook  1941   £5

374   The electron microscope, D.Gabor 1945, 104 pages, very good £5

389   Transistor circuits + servicing B.R.A. Betridge 1960, 27 pages  £3

390   Elementary mathematics for wireless operators, W.E.Crook 1941, 63 pages  £3

398   Television servicing for beginners book 1 Bernards  by L.G.Furley, W.J.May- ed. 1958  £3

399   Listeners guide.Radio and TV`s station of the world 1954-59 Bernards 44  pages  £3

401   Telegraphy and telephony (exams) ques. + solutions 1909-1926, hard back, H.P.Few,350 pages  £8

405   Radio calculations manual 1948, N.Bradley, Bernards, 104 pages,  £3

423   Electric lighting and wiring (questions  + answers), E.Molloy 1946  £3

444   12 magazines RSGB Radio communication in a proper binder, Jan 1995 to Dec 1995 incl. £10

445   12 magazines RSGB In proper binder Jan 1996 to Dec 1996 incl. £10

446   12  mags RSGB  (P.W. binders, re-labelled), Jan 1992 to Dec 1992 incl.  £8

447   12 mags RSGB Jan 1993 to Dec 1993 incl. , re -labelled £8

448   12 mags. RSGB Jan 1994 to Dec 1994 incl. , re-labelled  £8

453   Practical electronics Nov.1964 to Aug. 1965- 10 months in a re-labelled binder £10

454   Practical electronics 12 months Sept 1965 to Sept 1966 (Jan 66 missing) in a re-labelled binder  £12

455   Practical electronics 10 months Oct 1966 to Jul 1967 in a re-labelled binder  £10

473 to 497              20 books hard back bound Radio/TV servicing 560 pages Volume 1 (pre 1953 models) by    E.Molloy, W.F Poole ( 1963 to 64 not there) through to 1976/77 865 pages inc. colour and mono TV        (various contributors + radio etc, 20 x  £10 = £200 + carriage and packing - very rare!

498 to 502              Radio and television servicing by F.Molloy + W.F.Poole FIVE bound books, Volume 1 to 5                from 1950`s radio and TV`s to later models up to 1954 inclusive, rare block of 5 (covers a bit faded)   £75

503   Odd radio and TV servicing  Molloy + Poole . Only one book Vol. 4 of TV servicing part II, 15 makes       covered McMichael to White-Ibbotson 464 pages   £12

506   International amateur call sign prefix listing 1999 and UK amateur frequency allocations etc. 1990. £2

514. Frequency modulation receivers manual Bernards, front cover damaged 1948 +2 circuit guide booklets on transistor circuits (1966, 1968  £4]

515   3-call books RSGB 1965,1966,1968, £2

516   Book folder on data pod till (cash) 1979, all aspects  £2

518 to 522              5 more bound books on radio + TV servicing by Molloy +Poole and also J.P.Hawker, 1956-                57, 1957-58,1958-59, 1959-60 and 1960-61. Full of radio`s +TV`s circuits, descriptions, diagrams, a few   cover faded only slightly  £75 for five books

524 to 533              10 bound books. The modern home university 1935-1936, all kinds of subjects, hardback    covers- some faded a bit  £65 for 10 books

537   Taylor short form cataloque 1967, products then and prices  £2

539   Perdio Londoner, super 7, Park Lane , Piccadily, service info.  £3

540   Grundig 700 C and 700 L, service sheets etc.  £2

541   P.W. signal generator dated Oct 1962 + strand amp  £2

543   Wireless world 1964, FM tuner Xtal control, tac millivoltmeter £2

544   Collection Cossor 925, 926/927 TV Osmor 5 , Murphy A27, Philips , Alba TV etc.ratio`s op trms £2

546   Pye Feb 1957 service manual, models VT21C, VT21CD,CTM 21CD, CTM21 + F  £2

547   Pye  Apr 1957 serv. man. CW17, CW17F, CS17, CS17F, + 7 more  £3

549   Microphone info Apr 1968, shure AC measurements Jan 1973 etc.  £2

550   TV circuits data on Ferranti T1215 etc.  GEC,Pye, Regentone etc £2

553   P.W.sheets, electronic trumpet, intruder alam. Audio osc.+opmeter etc.  £4

556   Trader magazine Nov 1965 + HiFi Mk 1+ Mk 2 FM tuner unit  £2

557   Electronic digest  Volume 1 N.1 plus lots of useful information sheets £3

558   Sony video ca. rec SL-C5UB , Sony Betamax SL-C7, Sony remote commander RM-75 T  £4

560   PW sheets, high Z voltmeter, darkroom timer how to use scope, fire alarm  £4

567 ACOS  (Cosmocord products) folder, data sheets on  many items + Lexington P/UP  £3

569   Goodmans 1961 loudspeaker manual , high fidelity  £2

573   Electroacoustics standards 1938, by I.R.E. New York   35 pages  £3

575   Radio tuner unit manual  by radiotrician N.52, Bernards 1946  £3

576   Ultra shortwave handbook  by radiotrician   N.57 Bernards 1945?  £4

579   Wireless amplifier manual 32 pages N.41  Bernards pub. £4

594   Folder electrical sheet and strip for magnetic circuits (85 pages) £3

597   FM tuner construction, 134 Bernards by  W.J.May   31 pages  £3

607   Principals of single sideband operation, A.P.116E-0127-1A (45 pages)  £6

608   A.T.M. equipment  C.G.N. outfit. Rack incorporating- twice AR 88 Rx`s etc. (heavy, large ) £25

609   Practical and experimental work in electronics basic/ principals 82 pages, very good £9

610   “RAFARS” 17 x QRV (1984-1989) + call books etc. interesting booklets  £5

611   “RNARS” Aprox. 50 x news booklets aprox  1986 to1998 interesting  £7

614   Calculating tables by Dr.H.Zimmermann, 1904, translated into English 204 pages  £4

620   Harmsworth`s universal encyclopaedia (not radio) Vol. 2 673-1344 pages,   very old hard back  £40

624   Radio control book by radio modeller staff 1972, , 134 pages -faded covers £5

625   How to make Walkie-talkies (licensed by) T.D.Zedd 1973 £4

627   How to make 2M and 4M convertors for amateurs 1975  by J.R.Hey  £3

628   Illustrated parts list  for model 99K  machine (Singer) 1919 , faded cover  £2

629   Manual of family Singer  sowing machines, for students and colleges  £2

631   Wireless operating simply explained by W.E.Cook, Pitmans book £3

635   Hobbies weekly Feb 1956 N. 3144 with extra small cabinet (bedside) sheet  £2


637   Lantern slides and how to make them, 1951 N.16  44 pages  £3

638   All about filters and your camera by C.I.Jacobson  £2

639   You’re a to Z guide to colour photography, E.S. Bomback 1961  £5

640   Making colour prints M.Whitaker 1966, Focal press Ltd, 95 pages  £4

641   Amateur colour printing (Frost) 1962, 101 pages, hard back  £4

642. Mullard data and application notes on QQV03-10   £3

644   M   d              and a      n              on R.F. Tetrodes. QVO 125.QV2-25OB to TYG -5000A  £5

651   Radio models. Control and electronics magazine Feb 1974  £2

652   Cresta-Vega radio-telephone, original manual Cyldon £15

658. Coastal radio receiver, 350 (valve Rx) folder with notes) £15

664   Triton radio “Modar” transmitter/ receiver very thick book £20

666   Marconi  T 7843, H/F communication receiver RC 410/R   manual  £20

667   Rank/Bush/Murphy. Insulation and pulse flash test. 12084 Mk 2  £5  (twice)

684   Rohde + Schwarz , Munchen limit bridge KZS BN5500 + circuit  £3

686   Mar               RF.Attenuator, T.F. 1073A  operating ins. + blue print circuits £3

688   Pullin. Test set type 100, 7 pages with diagrams   £2

694   Metrix (French) television wobbulator type 210, 5 to 220 MHz   £2

696   Wayne-Kerr, Testmatic TM30, programming manual   FOUR  £2 each

697   Telequipment lab. Oscilloscope , type 43 manual  £8

698   Tektronix spectrum analyser 491, large thich manual  £20

699   Wayne-Kerr  Testmatic TM 60 programming manual  TWO   £2 each

700   Universal worker  computer controller. 6182-13995,6  £2

701   Wayne-Kerr portable VHF frequency standard F.S. 100  £3

702   Rank-Cintel transistor mutual and self inductance bridge 1854

        and Transistor capacitance bridge   £3 twice

705   Wayne-Kerr transformer ratio- ARM bridge by R.Calvert  £2

708   B.P.Labs, D.C.Wheatstone comparator bridge, model RM 197/1  £3

709   Advance oscilloscope OS-15 A ins. Manual, packet of notes  £4

710   ???Email 17.9.               Rohde+ Schwarz, capacitance meter KARU BN 510  £3

711   Pattern + colour bar  generator EP 686, 48 to 700 Mhz  £3

713   Philips PAL TV pattern  generator PM 5501  £4

714   Telequipment oscilloscope S51B + S51E, £5

715   Jerrold sweep signal generator model 900 B  £6

716   WAVETEK  sweep generator model 1701/1702  £6

717   Claude Lyons Ltd. A.C. automatic voltage stabilisers Mk. IV B        THREE  £2 each

718   Claude Lyons Ltd. A.C. automatic voltage stabilisers Mk IVA   £2

719   Eubanks model  2650 automatic wire stripper  £3

720   English electric. Electronic insulation tester 10 KV.DC  £3

721   Murphy insulation and resistance test  type  11522  £2

722   Wayne-Kerr testmatic automated diagnostic fault finder maintenance manual  £5

723   Airmec automatic circuit tester type 859  £2

724 Anritsu radio receiver type RG 51A/B  £15

725   Anritsu radio transmitter type TK 55A/B + Keyer LK02A £5

726   Anr                500 W radio equipment type AS500R/5A  £4

727   Anr                alarm signal generator type ZV05A  £2

728   Anr                radio transmitter type TK 95A  £5

730   Anr                telegraph exciter type TZ1015A/B  £5

731   Marconi Commander M30-1076, R.F. AMP. Power unit  2 drive amps  £4

732   Anritsu transmitter test data TK55A  £4

733   Anr                facsmile receiving apparatus model AF621  £5

734   Anritsu 500 Watts radio equipment - see item 726  £4

735   Anr                portable life boat radio equipment S-59B  £3

736   Anr                sow public addressor type AD09A/B   £5

737   Anr                antenna multi-coupler type ZA46A  £5

738   Anr                auto alarm receiver type RN 82A/B  £6

739   Anritsu auto alarm receiver type RN 92A  £6

740   The “Great war” magazines, several dated 1915, good condition, big box   £40

741   Antique find magazines    £16

743   Radio constructory and radio electronics  £10 each

756. The radio handbook RSGB hard back ,perfect 3rd ed 1961   £26

758.Receiver 1198 large printed circuit etc

759. Intruder alarm circuit/Electronic trumpet 1965 -Practical electronics £3

760-. Fire alarm system/ using an oscilloscope Fault finding Pract. electronics 1965   £3

761. Logarithmic Aerials in Communications systems etc. £5

762.An Osram technical publication Radio receiver for use with High Fidelity Amplifiers  £6

763. An Osram technical publication Amplifiers for  High Fidelity  sound reproduction (DC/AC and Battery   supply)  £6

764. TV service sheets Ekco & Philips etc, TV and domestic appliances service manuals / TV stage why  and how they work/Voltage stabilising circuits etc/Magnetic unit, filters +CRT's /TVreceiving aerials/ television EHTetc big folder £22

765. TV service sheets & tuners&teletext adaptors huge folder mainly Bush, Ferguson ,Ferranti,BRC, GEC, JVC,Grundig, Hitachi , Cossor, Ultra, Murphy about 80   £18  


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  14. The Amateur mechanic  a practical guide for the Handyman edited by Bernard E.Jones Vol 1

  15. Reach for the sky The story of Douglas Bader  Paul Brickhill 1954

  16. The home workshop + The art of Fretwork  1944

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  19. Edward VII and his Circle Virginia cowles 1956

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  21. Halliwell’s Film guide to 8000 English language films 1981

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  139. sold

  140. Sweet Nancy- L.T. Meade 1892

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  145. Bruce Douglas Border Range

  146. Douglas Reeman The volunteers A tense and chilling story of Royal Navy’s special Operations units

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  148. The mutiny of the “ Elsinore ” Jack London fiction

  149. Hammond Innes -New in paperback North star

  150. Sold

  151. Dennis Wheatley The man who killed the king

  152. Le Carre-Tinker Tailor soldier SPY- Now a major BBC-TV ser starring Alec Guinness as G. Smiley

  153. Hell’s mouth Confessions of count Nepomuk &Owen JohnOne man’s savage odyssey through a world at war

  154. Paul Erdman (super selling author of The Crash of 79’s) The panic of ‘89

  155. “The only biography of Bing Worth Reading ” The fabulous life of Bing Crosby  George Carpozi Jr.

  156. The Voyage of the Space Beagle AEvanVogt

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  159. Len Deighton Spy story
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  182. Sold

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  186. Hamlet-The Macmillian Shakespeare

  187. Patrick O’Brian HMS surprise

  188. Sold

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  190. sold

  191. sold

  192. sold

  193. sold

  194. sold

  195. sold

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  197. sold

  198. sold

  199. sold

  200. sold

  201. sold

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  207. When eight bells toll by Alistair Maclean 

  208. Sold

  209. Sold

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  212. Sold

  213. Sold

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  215. sold

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  222. Sold

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  226. sold

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  235. Sold

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  238. Play better golf Swing from A to Z

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  243. Sold

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  253. sold

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  258. Biggles flies again Capt. WE Johns

  259. Sold

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  273. A Richard Bolitho story Alexander Kent  Sloop of War

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  275. Frederick Forsyth  The devil’s alternative

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  281. sold

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  285. sold

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  290. sold

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  308. Sold

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  318. Sold

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  387. sold

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  538. sold

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  570. sold

  571. sold

  572. The quest of Jack Hazelwood- Marion Andrews 1896 or earlier

  573. Special forms of service- queen Victoria 1834-1901-In memoriam Edward VII May 6    1910

  574. Wind in the sails by Hans Jurgen Hansen 1973 nice pictures- big hard back

  575. I was Monty’s double- M.E.Clifton James

  576. Charles Dickens- Great expectations -like new

  577. Riding the mountains down-A journey by bicycle to Kathmandu-Bettina Selby 1984

  578. Jennie Lee-My life with Nye  (Aneurin Bevan)- famous political partnership 1980

  579. H.G. Wells-The time machine,The Island of Dr Moreau, The Invisible Man, The First Men in the moon,The food of the Gods, In the days of the comet, The war of the worlds- unabridged 1980

  580. Francis Chichester- “Gipsy moth” circles the world 1967

  581. Time only to look forward-speeches of The Earl Mountbatten of Burma as Viceroy of India &1947-8

  582. Trimaran Solo-Victress round the world by Nigel Tetley 1970

  583. The great liners by Melvin Maddocks and the editors of time-life books 1978- big hard back like new

  584. Sir Francis Chichester- Voyage of the century by C. Simpson &Chris. Angeloglou of Sunday Times

  585. A concise guide in colour ships 1973 CZ

  586. Pocket Pilot for the South Coast by K. Adlard Coles- part of Yachtsman manual-T.L. Stocken

  587. A source book of ships edited by V.C. Wall written by Laurence Dunn 1970

  588. Admiral Sir William Fisher by admiral Sir William James 1943

  589. The book of ships 1968 by Laurence Dunn part of Classics of transportation- yellow small square

  590. The dinghy year book 1963- R.P.Creagh Osborne

  591. Messing about in boats- Surgeon rear-admiral J.R.Muir  Blackie 1948

  592. Stuart P66 marine engine Instructions  and spare parts list 10 B.P.H.- 1971

  593. Seafahrer 5 Echo sounder Installation and Operating Instructions+Inboard transducer housing kit

  594. Stuart marine engines P5ME,P55ME + spare parts new- Dist. Cap, condensor, Points

  595. Channel pilot-The Isles of Scilly &The S coast of England,from Cape Cornwall to Selsey Bill, The NW and North coasts of France, from, but excluding Pointe de Penmarc’h to Cap D’Antifer 1971

  596. Report to the combined chiefs of staff by the supreme allied commander South-East Asia 1943-45 vice-admiral the earl Mountbatten of Burma 1951- his majesty’s stationary office

  597. The Royal navy in the 1980’s Vol.1 Paul Beaver- Warship illustrated No.1 nice pictures

  598. Channel Harbours and anchorages, Christchurch to Portland ,Barfleur to St Malo The Channel Island- K.Adlard Coles 1974

  599. The champion annual 1930 hard back, front cover missing

  600.  Our mothrs by Alan Bott and Irene Clephane 1932 Late Victorian Women 1870-1900

  601. King George and Queen Elizabeth-very interesting

  602. A Way in the wilderness- Maggie Swan 1910 or earlier

  603. The human machine secret s of success 1929- E.R Thompson

  604. Earth in danger-Pollution and conservation-Ian Breach and Michael Crawford 1976

  605. The Reader’s digest book of world travel- big

  606. The queen& her royal relations-A who’s who of the Royal families of Europe by Conrad Miller-Brown  Rupert Hart-Davis +Our Royal family tree

  607. The theory and practice of metalwork-Second edition metric-George Love 1979

  608. 100 views of Oxford -The charm of Oxford beautifully portrayed in Sepia Photogravure

  609. Winchester by Norah Baldwin Martin- with 8 plates in colour from painings by Leon.Squirrell

  610. The Adventures of Pinocchio ill. By Art studium-nice pics,big hard back 1978

  611. Encyclopedia of War machines-an historical survey of  world’s great weapons edit by D.Bowen 1977

  612. The encyclopedia of space with  forword by Malcolm Scott Carpenter Paul Hamlyn- also huge book!

  613. The valley of adventure-Enid Blyton illustrated by Stuart Tresilian 1947

  614. Edward de Bono-Practical Thinking 4 ways to be right,5 ways to be wrong 5 ways to understand

  615. Edward de Bono- Po:Beyond Yes and No

  616. Newnes Pictoral knowledge Vol. 10 Peter Finch, Poole, Shepherd, Dover

  617. Lady Tweedsmuir with 12 plates in colour and 32 in black/white 1941- Canada

  618. Nursery rhymes- Gold to the children- very old

  619. Euclid books I to VI&XI  Hall and Stevens text book of Euclid ’s elements for the use of schools 1897

  620. The living brain-W,Grey Walter 1961

  621. The practical home doctor by a Harley street specialist

  622. Essays and Belles lettres-Reflections on the French revolution and other essays No.460 1916

  623. Children-Once upon a time-Little red riding hut,Cinderella,Goldilocks,Dick Whittington  £10

  624. Gulliver’s travels 1925    £44

  625. Lets go USA incl. Canada 1998 St.Martin’s press-maps ,thick  guide  £16

  626. Verse time  The yellow book of dramatic poetry Glover 1950  £10

  627. Dee Brown-an Indian history of the American West-Bury my heart at Wounded knee illustrated £7

  628. Grimm’s fairy tales-Hansel and Gretel,Snow white,Old mother frost etc  £12

  629. Now for a story by Enid Blyton illustr. By J.Johnson The enchanted umbrella etc £12

  630. English grammar and composition by G.A.Twentyman,BA Rivingtons old  £8

  631. The little brown girl by Esme Stuart old!    £30

  632. Hans Andersen-Fairy tales  Dean&son  £12

  633. EnidBlyton’s Sunny story book illustr. By E.Soper 1957

  634. The Royal Treasury of story and song Part III The Hall of heroes old !  £40

  635. More about Paddington-Michael Bond 1967  £8

  636. Enid Blyton-Tales after tea Collins 1962   £12

  637. Life in other homes-L.Edna Walter-Life in many lands I 1934  £14

  638. Bible stories retold by L.L. Weedon with intro. By bishop of Ripon 1902  £28

  639. The romance of London 1901  £26

  640. Trees of parks and gardens 1969  big  £8

  641. The great tradition of western architecture-AllsoppBooton & Clark 1966  £7

  642. Mammals Vol.1 1-106 of the new illustrated animal kingdom  £9

  643. Living models Children’s annual with pictures that spring to life  old £11

  644. Micky mouse and his playmates A Disney playmate book 1965  £5

  645. Pinocchio-The tale of a puppet-Blackies easy to read books retold by E.E.Ellsworth £6

  646. Alice in wonderland by Lewis Carroll  £10

  647. In the fifth at Malory towers by Enid Blyton 1950  £10

  648. Henri Bue-First steps in French idioms 1908  £12

  649. Enid Blyton- Five have a mystery to solve 1962  £11

  650. The jungle book by Ruyard Kippling 1961  £13

  651. John Davies- Sailing 1969  £7

  652. Patrick O’Brian- The far side of the world 1994  £5

  653. The complete puzzler-Gyles Brandreth-anagrams/digits/True or false/tangrams etc  £9

  654. Household encyclopedia by William H.Steer  £4

  655. The anatomy of courage-Lord Moran 1945  £6

  656. Married love by Marie Stopes-a new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties 1952  £6

  657. The line that led to nowhere- Ian R.Stevenson (The story of North Australian railway)  £6

  658. Freshwater fishing-A.R.C.Peter Tom Taylor  £3

  659. Ali baba and the 40 thieves cartoon 1975  £3

  660. Toby Twirl adventures Sheila Hodgetts pictured by E.Jeffrey  £9

  661. Monster book for children-old £9

  662. Dean’s premier book for children 1961  £9

  663. Postman Pat annual  1985   £7

  664. Tom and Jerry annual 1975 cartoon  £7

  665. Dean-My picture book of Aesop’s fables-  £4

  666. Sunshine corner-Violet Harford  £4

  667. My very first book  £4

  668. Girl Annual Number 2-An eagle book + cartoon  £6

  669. Go ahead secret seven-Enid Blyton-Brock Books  £9

  670. Happy hours-Nelson- heavy thick pages  £5

  671. The boys and girls cinema clubs annual  £7

  672. Walt Disney Wonder book cartoon  £5

  673. The voyage of Marco Polo  £3

  674. The Jack and Jill-book of Nursery rhymes big book  £6

  675. Asterix and the big fight by Gosciny and Uderzo cartoon  £2

  676. Asterix at the Olympic games by Gosciny and Uderzo cartoon  £2

  677. Asterix in Spain by Gosciny and Uderzo cartoon  £2

  678. My first reading book of nursery rhymes-A ward lock Kingfisher book  £1

  679. Lucie Attwell’s story time tales 1959  £5

  680. Who can tell-Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina- adapted into English by M.Sperry  £3

  681. Walt Disney-Lady and the tramp based on story by Ward Greene  £6

  682. My first book by Frances Woof  £5

  683. Walt Disney’s jumbo of the circus and other stories 1953  £8

  684. My first picture encyclopedia  £6

  685. Rupert -The daily express annual 1960  £5

  686. TV 21 Century annual 1966 Thunderbirds cartoons  £6

  687. Ships and boats Take me to see 1978 very nice  £7

  688. Favourite nursery rhymes 1952 or earlier  £5

  689. Blue Peter &th book  £6

  690. Warship-Hugh Gregor Fact finders 1980  £1

  691. Enid Blyton-Tales of brave adventure 1963  £12

  692. Readers Digest Junior Omnibus  £11

  693. Tales from The brothers Grimm 1971   £10

  694. Mainly for children-The Sunday times 1960 edited by H.J.Deverson  £11

  695. The inside information on modern ships by L. Ashwell Wood  £2

  696. Things we need-McDougall-R.H.Davies 1961  £2

  697. Sharks by Ann McGovern  £1

  698. Fact finders-pouched mammals-Michael Chinery 1979  £1

  699. Walt Disney- The story of swiss family Robinson 1971

  700. The Angels and The creeping enemy No.3 Spectrum file-J.Theydon-Captain Scarlet  £9

  701. My own picture book-SCM Press  1949  £1 

  702. Every boy his own mechanic 1928- The modern boy's library

  703. A book of general science 1932- Macmilian's Canadian school series Hilton

  704. Holy Bible 1885- British and Foreign bible society

  705. Ruyard Kipling- Barrack room ballards & ditties

  706. Stedman's practical medical dictionary 1939

  707. The home workshop

  708. Pears cyclopedia 1957-58 66th edition

  709. Many inventions- Ruyard Kipling 1899, Macmilians Co

  710. The Pilgrim's progress 1911

  711. The amateur mechanic -Bernard E.Jones

  712. Adventures in the great forest of Equatorial Africa and country of the dwarfs 1892 Paul du Chaillu

  713. William Shakespeare



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