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Old Records / Vinyl

8 Speed 78 
1 HMV B.8260 Skye boat song Stuart Robertson/ The road to the Isles
2. Regal A 1183 Why did you creep into my heart? / Murphy, McCarthy, McGinthy & McGhee Ella Shields 
3.Regal A7408 Show boat-Ol'man river/Why do I love you?-Bobby Grey, Gerald Adams
4. Decca Vera Lynn F 7996 We boyh told a lie/Yours
5. Columbia DB 2136 Dreaming- waltz/Pomone- waltz Albert Sandler and his Palm Court orchestra
6. Parlophone Odeon series E10690 Lover come back to me/My moonlight Madonna Richard Tauber 
7. HMV B8694 Overture "William tell"-part 3 & conclusion Boston Promenade orchestra- A.Fiedler
8. Columbia DB 2140 Regim. Band of HM Grenadier guards- The eight army/Desert victory- March
9. Columbia DB 2138 Albert Sadler& his Palm court orchestra Viennese nights selection Part 1&2
10.Columbia FB 2761 I'm always chasing rainbows film "Ziegfield Girl"/ Stage coach (Jimmy Leach)
11. HMV B8665 The skaters-waltz (Waldteufel) Boston promenade orchestra cond. A.Fiedler
12. Columbia DB 2098 Belle of New York Albert Sandler Trio
13.HMV BD972 I do not want to set the world on fire Hutch (Leslie Hutchinson)/I guess I'll have to dream the rest (Stoner-Block-Green)
14.REX - 10,097-A What more can I say? Billy cotton &his band/Concerto for two (Tchaikovsky, ..)
15. Decca F7898 I'll walk beside you Vera Lynn/Smilin' through (accompanied by Jay Willbur's ser)
16. Decca F 8383 Pedra the fisherman/He wooed her, and wooed her and /Gracie fields
17. Decca F 7601 Sleepy lagoon-waltz (Coates, Lawrence/The breeze and I Ambrose & his orchestra
18. HMV B 8996 Wanting you (fronm The New moon/I 'll see you again (from Bitter sweet)
19. HMV BD 1090 Teddy bears picnic (Kennedy-Bratton)Ann Stephens/Dick bird hop (Gourley)
20. BD 1071 I am getting sentimental over you Ivy Benson &her gil's band/Star dust (Carmichael)
21. HMV B8005 Parade of the tin soldiers(jessel)/Policeman's holiday (Ewing)
22. Rex 8905-B Gracie's and Sandy's party (G.Fields & S.Powell for Ch. Kunz,Joe Petersen, L.Adler)
23.Regal 69991 There's a welcome there for you Fred Douglas/In Monterey Baritone
24. Imperial 2415 Wedding Bells are ringing for Sally Pat O'Dell /Make yourself a Happiness Pie
25 Regal WAR 771 Serenade (Standchen)Organ solo by Sidney Torch/The land of smiles- you ARE..
26. HMV b9058 Serenade (from Student prince)/Oh maiden, my maiden (Lehar) Webster booth with
27.Columbia FB3057 It had to be you-quickstep(Jones//7Kahn)/Good-night,wherever youareTWICE
28.Columbia FB 3038-Now I know-foxtrot (film"Up in Arms)/Someday I'll meet you again-Gibbons
29.Columbia FB2748 You are in my arms/Rose O'day (Tobias& Lewis) Carroll Gibson &Savoy hotel
30.Decca F8460 Lullaby of the bells (The Phanton of the Opera)/Lullaby of the bells(Mantovani)
31.HMV B9022 Bless this house/Danny boy Webster booth with organ accom. By Herbert Dawson
32. Brunswick 02054-B Silent night, Holy night Bing Crosby/Adeste Fidelis (o come,All Ye Faithful)
33. DeccaF7952- It always rains before the rainbow/St. Mary's in the twilight (Kennedy)
34. Columbia FB 1669 Faust-waltz variations/Carmen-selection (Piano duet by Rawicz& Landauer)
35. Columbia FB 2742-The white cliffs of Dover (Turner Layton)/A sinner kissed an angel (Dav&Jos)
36.HMV DA 999 The song of songs (Moya)Richard Crooks/Ah! Swet mystery of life -The dream mel
37.HMV DA1559 Farewell to Dreams/Will you remember? (from film Maytime-Nelson Eddy..)
38.Colubia Set M= 482 COMPLETE BOOK (three records)Nelson Eddy &Rise Stevens The chocolate soldier Ti-ra-ra-la-la/While my lady sleeps, Sympathy..../My hero, Forgive
39.Decca The Merry widow Kitty Carlisle, Wilbur Evans, Felix Knight&Lissette Verea Orchestra directed by Isaac Van Grove COMPLETE BOOK n. a-364- SIX RECORDS
40. Regal G6558 The coster's of christening (Music hall sketch by Duncan&Godfreywith Orchestra
41.The Ariel grand record 1-65117 Queen of the earth/1-65120 She wore a wreath of roses by Knight 
42.Rex 8256-A-A night of embankment- Sandy Powell and his mouth organ band
43. Imperial record 1305-Where the Lazy Daisies grow/ What 'll I do (Irving Berlin) 
44. The winner 3292- I'm all bound round with the mason Dixon line/That moaning trombone (Jazz)
45.Brunswick 02804-B Home sweet home/Ave Maria from D.Durbin's "Mad about music) TWICE
46.HMV B9393 Cuckoo clock/Tritsch-Tratsh-Polka,op.214 Boston promen. Orchestra A.Fiedler
47Decca F8286 I had the craziest dream-Tony Martin/Don't ask me why- D. Rose
48. HMV BD 5720-I know why(from "Sun ValleySerenade)/Chattanooga choo choo (Glen Miller)
49. Rex 8015-B Londonderry air/You are my heart's delight (Lehar)Dawson's choir of Canaries
50. Parlophone F1871 Marie Elena Geraldo& his orchestra/Woodland symphony (B.Stevens)
51. The Ariel Grand record Iola No. 1972a/You were coming thre' the Corn Molly Dear (reprPrussia)
52. The Ariel Grand record Silver Bell No.1973b Nelly Dean (Harry Armstrong) Miss Gertie Gitana
53. Edison Bell winner record 11680 Together 4829/Ramona FDH
54. Regal MR 418 Jolly good company (Wallace) The two Gilberts/It always starts to rain
55. Regal G8903 Half a moon Hal Swain's new princess orchestra/Why should I say that I'm sorry?
56.Regal G8948 When you played the organ and I sang The rosary P. King/Tonight you belong to me
57 Decca F8805 Come back to Sorrento Gracie fields/ Now is the hour (with Phil Green)
58.Columbia DB90 Dance o the raindrops/The Punch and Judy show Xylophone by Rudy Starita
59. Regal G8584 Barcelona, Spanish one step/Valentine The Raymond dance band
60. Columbia FB3053 Fascination (Gipsy waltz song.)/The Grasshoppers dance- Jimmy Leach
61. Decca F8504 Together Issy Bonn/Just a little fond affection (conducted by Phil Green)
62. Winner 6988 Old Pal. Why don't you answer me? Gerald Adams//Wait till your ship comes in
63.Columbia DB2156 Annen Polka (J.Strauss)/Right away-Polka (Edouard Strauss) Liverpool orches
64. HMV DA1579 By the waters of Minnetonka (An Indian Love song)/Trees
65. Brunswick 03007-B Love is all Deanna Durbin/Amapola
66. Winner 8745 What'll I do? Stanley Kirkby/Where the lazy daisies grow
67.HMV B1386 Evergreen Eve FoxTrot/If winter comes FoxTrot (Melville Gideon0 QUEENS DANC
68.Zonophone 5966 Dream of the ocean International Novelty Quartette/Pan and the wood goblins
69.Rex 8304-A "Sing as we go" film selection May I?, .. Primo Scala's accordeon band
70.Regal MR380 Little sweetheart of the mountains Joe Green's Marimba band/For you waltz 
71.Regal G8368 I will love you more than ever (John O'Leary) Talbot O'Farrell/At the end of the roa
72.Winner 3990 Little Mary Cassidy J.C.Doyle/Avenging and bright
73. Regal MR 486 In the hills of old Virginia/Paradise waltz London piano-accordeon band

1. HMV C2205 From Erik Charell's "White horse Inn" New Mayfair orchestra C2205
2. HMV C3038 The Holy city Peter Dawson/The lost chord
3. Columbia DX273 Entrance of the little fauns Jack Payne & BBC dance orchestra/Bolero
4. HMV DB3086 Hungarian Rhapsody (Liszt, arr.Muller) Leopold Stokowski and Philadelphia orche
5. HMV C3006 Vienna blood- waltz (J.Strauss) Boston Promenade cond. By A.Fiedler
6.HMV C3283 Overture "Zampa"(Herold) Boston Promenade cond. By A.Fiedler
7.HMV C 1352Liebestraume (Liszt) New light symphony orchestra/Kamennoi-Ostrow-Op10 No.22
8.HMV DB 2195 Overture "Merry wives of Windsor" Nicolai"-BBC symphony orchestra A. Boult
9.HMV C1395 Rhapsody in Blue Paul Whiteman (Gerschwin)
10.HMV C1617 Emperor waltz (J.Strauss) International novelty orchestra/Gold and silver waltz
11.Columbia DX 1225 Spanish dances N.1,2,3 (Moszkowski) City of Birmingham orch. G.Weldon
12.HMV C2861 Entry of the Boyards-March (Halversen) Boston Pro. orch./Jealousy- Tango Tzigane 
13.HMV C2284 Madam Butterfly (Puccini) Marek Weber and his orchestra
14. DX1226 Columbia DX1226 Spanish dances N.4,5 (Moszkowski) Birmingham orch. G.Weldon
15.HMV C2892 Waltz (From The sleeping beauty ballet (Tchaikowski)/Polonaise militaire in a major
16.Columbia LX867 Voices of spring- waltz part N.1 (J.Strauss)/Voices of spring- waltz part 2
17.HMV C1881 "The maid of the mountains (London Palladium orch.cond. By Richard Grean) 
18. HMV DB3821 Tales from the Vienna woods-waltz (j.Strauss, arr.Stokowski/Blue Danube-waltz
19. HMV C1289 The Yeomen of the Guard (Sullivan) The band of HM Coldstream guards
20. HMV C 3210 Lilac time selection(Shubert, Clutsam, Barte New light symphony orchestra
21.HMV C3036 Wine ,women and song- waltz op. 333 Boston Promenade orchestra
22. HMV C2984 Invitation to the waltz (Weber, arr Weingarartner&Woodhouse) London Philharmo
23.Columbia DX787 Naila-Intermezzo (Delibes)/The Swan lake (ballet song) waltz
24. HMVC1400 Sirs! Your toast (toreador song)-Carmen-Bizet Peter Dawson/Room for the factotum
25. Columbia LX314 Polonaise in a flat (Chopin- op.53)/Etude in a flat Pianoforte solo by Solomon
26. HMV C3119 Student prince selection (Romberg)/Bitter sweet selection
27. HMV C2812 Dance of the hours from La Gioconda-Ponchielli Boston Prom. Orchestra
Spanish dances N.1,2,3 (Moszkowski) City of Birmingham orch. G.Weldon

Pre recorded bought tapes 3 and 3/4 " I.P.S.
Cliff Richard- How wonderful to know
Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue (American in Paris)
Boult conducts music of Glinka, Smetana& Rimsky Korsakov
Barbara Windsor, Marty Wilde -Half a Sixpence
Handel- Water music
Music of the South seas! A visit to Tahiti, New Zealand, Rarotonga
Giuseppe di Stefano Sing Neapolitan songs
Oliver ! Music and lyrics by Lionel Bart
The sound of music Rodgers and Hammerstein II
Primas Stefan and his Royal Tziganes Gipsy camp Fires
Robert Stolz conducts Johann Strauss & Robert Stolz
Gilbert and Sullivan overtures, The Mikado, The Gondoliers, The Pirates of Penzance etc.
Love is a Many Splendoured Thing -Victor Silvester
My fair Lady Norrie Paramor (Lerner-Loewe)
Mary Poppins B.Jay, Jeannie Lambe, Jo Searle, K.Day The Lonsdale THEATRE Orch.
Dvorak Serenade for string orchestra Nocturne Grieg Holberg Suite
Sinatra- September song
Harry Secmbe - Sings for you
George Weldon conducts elgar Pomp and circumstance
The king and I with the New world Show Orchestra cond. By J.Douglas
Waltzing in Vienna Volume 5-Vienna state opera orch./Anton Paulik
Stravinsky -The Firebird Suite,Fireworks & Bartok- The miraculous Mandarin Suite The Royal Phil
Rosemarie with New World \Show Orchestra /J/Douglas
Carousel with Johny Douglas conducting the new World Show orch.
Reginald Dixon-South Rampart street parade etc.
Tchaikovsky- Romeo and Juliet Italien, Espana-Chabrier
Camelot-Patrick Macnee, Madge Stephens,Geoffrey Chard
Hymns we know and love- Onwards christian soldiers, etc..
A night at the Proms Sir Malcolm Sargent BBC Symphony, J.Hammond, S.Cherkassky
George Formby -The man with the Ukelele
Music of the sea The band of HM Royal Marines
Bernard Delfont &Tom Arnold present Harry Secombe in Pickwick
The gondoliers-Gilbert and Sullivan
The student prince- Marion Grimaldi and John Wakefield
Go crazy with Spike Jones- Plays for fun
Villa Lobos, Concerto for Guitar& small orchestra con. By S.Wilson
Carribean-Harry Belafonte, The Islanders
Island Magic- The Kontikis- Tropical magic...
More Minstrel melodies Big Ben Banjo Band
Richard Strauss- Death and transfiguration, dance of the 7 veils, etc.
Music of Fiji- Kisi Mai, Bula Malaya (Arr.Dalton)
Laughing waters- The Kontikis- Tahiti nui (CRITERION) etc.
The Merry widow -Franz Lehar- The Sinfonia of London cond. By J.Hollingsworth
Choral classics -The Batch Choir&Jacques orchestra
In a Persian market- Ketelbey Overtures
Pyjama Game- Damn Yankees
Russ Conway- Time to celebrate with orchesta cond. By G.Love
Reginald Dixon -Back in Blackpool
The pirates of Penzance A.Sullivan-William Schwenck Gilbert
Waltzing in Vienna Vol. 3 Carl Ziehrer
Puccini- Madame Butterfly
Handel- Love in Bath _Royal Philhar. Orch.
Richard Tauber- Stage and screen Successes (Blossom time..)
Tchaikovsky- Nutcracker suite- Sinfonia of London cond. By J.Hollingsworth
Moussorgsky- Night on a bare mountain, Borodin, Polovtsian Dances, Rimsky Korsakov, Flifght of t
Music of Austria

SP 45 RPM extended play 
Melody time! Ray Martin Columbia Lehar, Martin, Strauss, Novello
R.Wagner Pilgrims' chorus, G.G.Verdi, Ch. Gounod Philips
The river Ken Dodd, Someone like you Newell- Carr Columbia
HMV Cabaret Luis Armstrong&his stars, What a wonderful word
Mercury Julie Rogers Mono The wedding/The love of a boy
Parlophone -Is there anything I can do /Softly as I leave you- Matt Monro
Parlophone Can this be love /Why not now Matt Monro
Columbia- Mary's boy child (Spiritual)/Oh Sinner man -Nina&Frederik
Columbia The skye boat song Green fields- The Beverley sisters
Columbia Shirley Bassey with G. Love Tonight/Let's start all over again
Scott McKenzie What's the difference/SanFrancisco
HMV Moon river Danny Williams/The weaver of dreams Danny Williams&Tony Osbourne
Columbia You'll never know/Hold me tight Shirley Bassey&RitaWilliams
Columbia Climb every mountainReach for the stars- Shirley Bassey
Capitol Nat King Cole People/Wild is love
Embassy Walk right back/Calendar girl Don Duke
HMV We will never be as young as this again/Pssing breeze- Danny Williams
Parlophone Wherever I go/Near your heart -Christine Campbell
Voices of spring J.Strauss, L.Arditi -Parla Walz- Rita Streich
CBS The good life Tony Bennett/Spring in Manhattan
HMV Little star Sheila Southern/White wedding
Columbia-My special dream/You- Shirley Bassey Tony Osbourne
Philips Minigrove -Sincerely yours -Liszt-Paderewski/Rhapsody in blue-Gershwin
Bell recordsThe happy song Alex Chilton The box tops/Soul deep 1969
Durium Ciao Ciao Bambina-Marino Marini and his quqrtet/Avevamo la stessa eta
Parlophone Without you/Start living (Shakespeare black) Matt Monro
Parlophone I love you too/Somewhere Matt Monro
Decca Highway Patrol/Maids of Madrid- Cyril Stapleton
Columbia Exodus Edith Piaf/No regrets- sung in nglish
Columbia Who can I turn to? Shirley Bassey/To be loved by a man
Philips The big four No.4 Frankie Laine, Doris Day etc.
Decca Van Doren piano Meddley -Lebowsky, Newman, Welch etc)
Harry Secombe sings Neapolitan love songs
Columbia The ugly duckling Pinky and Perky/Eeny Meeny Miney mo
HMV The days of wine and roses and other Film favourite -Danny Williams
Wagon train Theme of the NBC-TV production on ARTV also TV themes of Cheyenne wells fargo &wyatt earp starring Ward Bond
CBS Days of the roses Andy Williams/Can't get used to losing you
Hmv It might as well be spring Danny Williams/Jeannie
Fontana You'll answer to me Cleo Laine/I only have eyes for you
Columbia Say it with flowers Dorothy Squires&Russ Conway/Roses of Picardy
Andy Williams Almost there/On the street where you live CBS
Decca Singing Piano/If Tolchard Evans and his singing piano
Capitol Ruby red The Kingston trio /Tom Dooley 
Parlophone Lost Colin Day/Till
Columbia The party's over Shirley Bassey/With these hands
Decca Once in every lifetime Ken Wood/Just for a while
Fontana Hey Mr.Love, Millie/When I dance with you
Columbia Tears Ken Wood/You and I
Threshold Question, The moody blues 1970/Candle of life
RCA Victor I love you because (Payne) Jim Reeves/Anna Marie (Walker)
Columbia Put on a happy face- quickstep/Baby talk to me-slow foxtrot
PYE Petula Clark accompany. Directed by Tony Hatch Downtown/You'd better love me
Philips The old refrain/Stars in my eyes Andre Kostelanetz
Decca Secret love Kathy Kirby/You have to want to touch him
Hits for six Ian Stewart at piano Fontana No.6 Chritmas songs- Rudolph..
RCA Victor Make the world go away Eddy Arnold/The easy way Eddy Arnold
London A day in the life of a fool/The impossible dream Jack Jones
Mercury records Sarah Vaughan-Smooth Operator/Passing stranger &B.Eckstine
Columbia Missisippi dip/On leave Fox trot Harry Davidson
Columbia sung in Italian La Traviata etc
Reprise : Frank Sinatra Strangers in the night 1966/My kind of town
Philips Tony Bennett Firefly/It had to be you
Columbia Fly me to the moon-walz/There is no such thing as love- slow fox
CBS Tony Bennett featuring Bobby Hackett Sleepy time Gal/The very thought of you
CBS Andy Williams Bye bye blues/May each day
Capitol Mr Wishinng well Nat King Cole/That Sunday, that summer
PYE Jackie Trent Where are you now/On the other side of the tracks
Decca I'm lost without you Billy Fury/You better believe it baby
Dot Ultra High fidelity Somehing about you Pat Boone/As tears go by
F.Liszt -Hungarian Rhapsodies Nos.2 &12 Bavarian symph. Orchestra DGG
Fontana Maria Johny Mathis/Hey Love-Johny Mathis
HMV A windmill in old Amsterdam Ronnie Hilton/Dear Heart
HMV opera Madama Butterfly-Puccini etc,
Columbia South Pacific Rodgers etc.
Columbia 1964 I understand Fredie and the dreamers/I will
Mercury Turn around, look at me Julie Rogers
Reprise: Dean Martin A little voice Mecolico/Everybody loves somebody
Philips Dominique Dutch swing college band/You are my sunshine Duch swing college band
Capitol Where have all the flowers gone The Kingston trio/O Kn Karanga
Decca Oh, Samuel don't die The bachelors/No arms can ever hold you
PYE Petula Clark The show is over/This is my song (Chaeles Chaplin)
Parlophone Mrs.Mills party Medley, Around the world
HMV Sweetheart tree Johny Mathis/Mirage
Time changes everything PYE Miki and Griff/It's my way
Columbia Piano pops No.7 Tom Dooley
Philips M'apparati tutt#' amor/La fleur que tu M'avais jette
CBS Candy Kisses Tony Bennett/(Ileft my heart/0 in San /Francisco
Decca Diane The bachelors/The stars will remember
Apple-Hey Jude The Beatles/Revolution 1968
Capitol /Unforgottable Nat King Cole/Nature boy etc.
I love you because Al Martino/Merry-go#round

LONG PLAYs 33 and 1/3 in red plastic box
Capitol - Frederic Chopin-Chopin walzer Am Flugel:L.Pennario LCE 8172- various 33
Decca- Tchaikovsky Piano concerto No1 in B flat minor opus 23 Clifford Curzon
HMV Shura Cherkassky plays Liszt Sonata in B minor and Don Juan Fantasy
Decca- Fred Hartley Reflections on your piano
Lud.Van Beethoven- The Pastoral Symphony The Vienna orch. E.Lindenberg
Philips- Herman Levin- Rex Harrison, Julie Andrews My fair lady with S. Holloway
MFP Get by in French
HMV Holst The Planets Sir Malcolm Sargent, BBC symph. Orchestra and women's chorus
HMV The Hallmark of Quantity Puccini Tosca in Italian First record of the two Fabritiis
HMV The Hallmark of Q.Puccini Tosca in Italian Second record of the two Fabritiis
Decca- Marches of the British fighting forces Grenadier Guards F.J.Harris
Columbia George Bizet (1838-1875) opera en 4 actes- Three LP's in hard folder
HMV Fernando Germani Organ recital at Selby Abbey Yorkshire Liszt, Franck, Reger,Widor
Decca Aida Verdi Renata Tebaldi Alberto Erede, Aldo Protti, Mario del Monaco, Ebe Stignani
Conducting Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Rome 3 LP's very nice
Decca- The pirates of Penzance Hilbert &Sullivan orch. Isidore Godfrey - 2 records
PMC Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker" suite Royal opera house orches. Covent garden R.Irving Ponchielli
Mono BBC TV Repondez S'il vous plait RSVP Record 2, Lesson 11-20
Capitol -The military band A hi-fi salute to the services
HMV -Gilbert & Sullivan The Mikado Sinclair, O.Brannigan, R.Lewis Record 1 of 2
Decca Tchaikovski 1812 Overture Capriccio Italien Marche slave Kenneth Alwyn
HMV -Gilbert & Sullivan The D'Oyly carte opera company Isidore Godfrey Both records of 2
Philips F. Chopin Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor op. 35, Fantasy in F minor op.49, Polonaise.. Uninsky

LONG PLAYS 78 boxes
HMV -Hear my prayer Mendelssohn Choir of temple church London Beethoven OLD
Columbia In a monastery garden Ketelbey orchestra
Decca Lohengrin Introduction to Act 3 Basil Cameron, Tannhauser March
Columbia DX 420 And can it be sung at the Methodist union conference Royal Albert hall 1932 (10 000 voices) I'll praise my maker
Columbia DX312 Hymns- organ Medley B.Mason recorded in Central hall Westminster

Middle size 78's
Laughing gas Cicely Courtneidge comedy in English
Brunswick -Pledge of love (R.Redd) Michell Torok/What's behind that strange door
VGC Broadcast Twelve super Under the double eagle-march (Wagner)/Soldier chorus "Faust" Band of HM Welsh guards
HMV The holy city The Kentucky minstrels- Wood gate ,John Duncan
HMV Youth and vigour (Lautenschlager) HM Coldstream guards -military band

45 rpm+ small centre
Decca Redskins Knight Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers Ivy music 1962- Can -can '62
Eclipse No.128 military band HM Irish guards/The prosterity song
EclipseSC7 Sun of my soul church recording with choir Sacred music/Lead kindly light
Eclipse Sweet Genevieve sung by W.Rodney/Love's old sweet song
Eclipse Carmen Bizet Smphony orchestra Z 201
Broadcast O come all ye faithful (Adeste Fideles)/While Shepherds Watched, Christian Awake 
Eclipse I know that we shall meet again/Live Laugh and love Film Congress Dances
Eclipse Eleven more months and ten more days Albert Whelan singing
Eclipse Eleven Pounds of Heaven (McCarthy- Malneck) Louis Hardy/Just for a sight, just for a kiss
Broadcast The first nowell The Festal choir/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Broadcast Christmas time in Merrie England Welsh guards Xmas day & Eve

Full Dimensional sound FDS
Capitol a STUDY IN HIGH FIDELITY NOTES Ch. Fowler+ writing (nice folder)

Red folder Reader's Digest
Popular music that will live for ever - 11 big records

Another one in red plastic box :
In the mood for dancing _Joe Loss and his orchestra 1958 EMI (Ramona,...)
101 strings Pye Golden Guinea GGL 0061 1st anniversary special release Double big record Down Drudy Lane to Memory Lane
The big hits from Broadway Cyril Stapleton and his orchestra Decca- My fair lady, Oklahoma.
Chitty Chitty Bang bang (by the Mary Poppins team) Ronnie Hilton, D.Francis, J.Brown EMI
The Shelton sound with Wally Scott and his orchestra Philips 33 1/3 1940-1956
With my love Top rank International BUY/020 The Ernest Maxin orchestra
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel -Capitol G. MacRAE, Shirley Jones, C.Mitchell, EMI
Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma-Gordon MacRae, Gl. Grahame, G.Nelson, Ch.Greenwood,J.Whitmore, S.Jones- Rod Steiger ,produced by A.Hornblow,Jr.-Capitol
Royal tournament 1957 Earls court (recorded in presence of Queen Victoria , Columbia- Ave Maria, National Anthem (Miller, Moore, Stanford,Alford,Walford..)
Tchaikovsky _Serenade in e major op. 48, Prokofiev-Classical symphony op.25 The Pittsburg symp. Orch. Will. Steinberg- Capitol
John Raitt- Highlights of Broadway- Soliloquy, Old devil moon,Stranger in Paradise- Capitol
Tchaikovsky- Symphony No.6 (Pathetique) B minor Op. 74 The Leningrad Philh. Orch. Conduct. By Evgeni Mravinsky DGM
Dance Party played by Pete Wilson and his quintet-Presto-Nat Gold,Sid Bilter, Bill Craven,J.Porter
Christmas carols from Winchester cathedral- choirmaster Alwyn Surplice- Hallmark
Demis Roussos "My only fascination", Shadows,Let it be me, We pretended- Philips

The BEST of the Goon shows-N.1 Spike Milligan, P.Sellers, H. Secombe- Tales of Old Dartmoor 9.2.1956 , Dishhonoured 1959-Parlophone
The BEST of the Goon shows N.2- Spike Milligan, P.Sellers, H. Secombe- Tale of men's shirts 1959, The scarlet capsule 1959 EMI Parlophone- also mono 
Philips Cuttin' c'apers, Makin' whoopee, Fit as a fiddle- Doris Day- Frank De Vol and his Orchestra
HMV 78 Caprice espagnol, op.34 (Rimsky-Korsakov) No.4 &5 Nicolai Malko, Danish state orch.
Decca Danse macabre-symph. Poem -cond. By Boyd Neel
HMV speed 78- Caprice espagnol, op.34 (Rimsky-Korsakov) No.1to 3Nicolai Malko, Danish st.e orch
James Last in Russia Polydor- Midnight in Moscow, Kalinka, Zhivago, Cossack, Stenka Rasin..
Streisand Guity- Woman in love, Run wild, Promisses, What kind of fool (with Garry Gibb)..
Saga Eros 8139 Behind the mask.. The Frank Stafford trio 1970- There'll never be another you..
Columbia DX 1003-La Boheme act1-Joan Hammond/Madam Butterfly-One fine day..
The Best of Lene Martell- It's a beautiful night for love, Let me try again (Paul Anka)..
K-TEL - Pat Boone's greatest hits- Love letters in the sand, Speedy Gonzales, Tutti Frutti..
Turnabout- Couperin Rameau -Daquin D'Anglebert-French tone Paintings for Harpsichord..
Turnabout- J.Nepomuk Hummel--Concertino in G major for piano& orch. Op 73 and in F..
Philips -Spotlight-Harry Secombe DOUBLE This is my song (Chaplin), Smile...
K-TEL- The Nigel Brooks Singers- 20 songs of joy- Ave Maria,Battle hymn of the republic..
MFP 1967-Beethoven symphony No.5 in C minor, op. 67-4 movements, Pittsburg sym. Orch..
MFP-Jack Payne- say it with music/I'm in the mood for love/Try a little tenderness..
Hammond a gogo- 28 melodies for dancing and dreaming- James Last -Letkiss, Cha-cha-cha..
Seamanship in small craft- Safety at sea for amateur boat owners, Lerning the morse code..
Wings of history-Vol.3 stereo Randevous:Shuttleworth by David Ogilvy 1977..
Telstar Green Velvet-various artists-When you were sweet sixteen (Foster and Allen..)
K_TEL The Fureys &Davey Arthur- At the end of the day- Morning has broken..
Hallmark- Andy Williams- It's all in the game- Begin The Bequine, It's all in the game..
Contour-The New seekers- Look what they've done to my song, ma, Sing out, Alright my love
Camden RCA- Amazing grace-The pipes and drums and military band of the Scottish division..
Camden, Jim Reeves- 12 songs of Christmas- Jingle Bells, Blue Christmas, Senor Santa claus,..
Contour, Country winners- sung by the original artists Leroy van Dyke, G.Jones, Rex Allen, ..
Top rank-The voice of Bogna Sokorska (Polish)- They call me mini, One night of love,..
Columbia- Eric Jupp and his orchestra -Music for sweethearts- Let's dance, Love in Bloom..
Allegro-Original The ink spots- If I didn't care, Clementine, Frankie & Johnie, Do nuts,..
Columbia- Jerry Allen, Sump'n else-Cheek to cheek,Tich's Toon, Everything happens to me..
The sounds of time by Frederick Mullally 1934-1949-Royal wedding, Battle of Britain, Churchill..
CBS Andy Williams-The way we were-Touch me in the morning, Seasons in the sun,..
Hallmark- The Brighouse&Rastrick band- The Rossendale male voice choir-The cat and the fiddle
Stereo Gold Award-I can't forget those Jim Reeves hits- Big Burley sings Streets of Laredo,..
Sentinel records-Cornwall- Sounds like Mouzel-The mouse hole male voice choir cond. Eric Dale, Ann Pomeroy
Decca- Mantovani Continental encores- O mein papa,.. With picture booklet
Philips-Broadway! The Norman Luboff choir-New york, New York, The girl that I marry...
Hi-Fidelity records Stanley Applewaite plays -All the things you know, Music for your every mood..
Decca-David Whitfield Favourites The Roland Shaw orchestra- If I lost you, My unfinished sympho
London Records- Pat's big hits, Pat boone, Rich in love, Two hearts, two kisses,..
Fidelio Monaural Dance party, Marty Portnoy-When the saints go marching in Exodus,..
Brunswick records Bing Crosby- A Christmas sing with bing around the world- P.Weston,..
Capitol Music, Martinis, and Memories- Jackie Gleason- Once in a while, It could happen to you..
Capitol- Rogers and Hammerstein's The king and I- Deborah Kerr, Yul Brynner, Rita Moreno..
Decca- More Ros on Broadway -Edmund Ross -How are the things in Glocca Morra?..
Fontane- Sables and Sepia- Johnny Gregory and the lower Strings- Easy to love..
Top Rank- Thestrings sway- The knightsbridge strings play the Hawaiian hits
RCA Perry Como sings- Merry Christmas music- Silent night, Winter wonderland,..

Middle size 78 331/3
Minigroove- Frank Sinatra- Blue Skies, When you Awake, Kiss me Kate, Laura, Why was I born,..
Zonophone-The Rouser march -Black diamond band/Mephistopheles (Shipley Douglas)
Zonophone- Slaidburn Rimmer- St.Hilda Colliery band/Farewell my comrades
Paxton- Polished brass/Sousa on parade PR.575
Regal Zonophoe- The Crusader march /The Gladiator march- Grand massed brass bands
The king of records- Melodies that never die- Massed brass bands
Parlophones-The Turkish patrol march- Massed military bands
Rex- March Medley- The Selma mouth organ band/Le Reeve passe
Columbia-Arrogancia-Paso doble/Alla en el rancho grande-Orch. Manolo bel et ses
Brunswick -What can I do with a General -Bin Crosby-Coun your blessings instead of sheep
Columbia-Julian Felix Mendelsohn and his Hawaian serenades/La Cumparsita
Regal Zonophone- El abanico-March/Under the banner of Victory
Philips- The Beveley Sisters/The Mama doll song (Tony Osborne)
Imperial -Finlandia- Gandino and his orchestra
HMV Aldershot command searchligh tattoo/ 1933 El Albanico- Sons of the brave..
Regal-Prince Eugen,March/he bombardiers military band/The blue Danube-J.Strauss-op.314
Edison Bell- While shepherds watched/Christians, Awake-Black Dyke Mills Band and Choir
Rex- Review of the troops/Band of HM Welsh guards- Hear what you like
Regal Zonophone- Happy comrades- trombone quintet
M-G-M- Selection from "Rose Marie" recorded directly from the Sound Track of the film..
Regal Zonophone -Nautical movements/Champion Marsh Medley Conduct by James Oliver
Zonophone- The Rouser march (Jubb)/Mephistopheles March (Ship. Douglas)- Black Diamond band
HMV Poet and peasant- Overture -The black Dyke Mills band cond. By A.Pearce
Regal Zonophone- Flying Eagle march/Flying Arrow march- Grand massed brass bands- J. Oliver
Parlophone-Indra march/Under the double eagle March- Massed military bands
Zonophone- Lynwood March/Prairie flower March (Hume)- National Military band
Decca- Rossini- La scala di seta/La Gazza Ladra -Eduard van Beinum cond. The Concertgebouw..
Vogue-Chet Baker Quartet featuring Russ Freeman-Long ago and far away, Happy little sunbeam,..
Colubia- Carnival of Venice/Poet and peasant overture -accordeon solo by Tollefsen
Decca- La vie en Rose, Fela sowande rhytm group--April in Portugal
Columbia-Rock of ages/The day thou gavest- The BBC choir
Parlophone- Strictly instrumental/When you are a long,long way from home
Brunswick-What is a boy?/What is a girl?-Jackie Gleason orchestra directed bySammy Spear
Parlophone-The Hat-Jerry Allen and his trio Campbell Connelly/ Golly!
Rex- Washington post/Start and stripes for ever- The band of HM welsh guards
Columbia- Ramona/Layton&Jonstone (American Duettist Silver , Pinkard)
Capitol- Junior records- Twas the night before Christmas-featuring thew Mellow men..
Imperial- Trooping of the colour-played by HM Irish guards band
Edison Bell- Old comrades/Light of foot- Band of H.M.Scots Guards
Ghost town- Don Cherry with Ray Conniff and his Orchestra and chorus/I'll be around
Decca- The "Harry Lime" theme/The café Mozart waltz- The third man- Anton Karas
HMV- Rio Rita (McCarthy& Tierney)-R.Crooks tenor/Only a rose- In English
Decca- Mammoth fair organ Blaze away/Vienna blood/Blue devils/King Cotton-..-Carousel Becquart
Decca -Black and white magic Vol. 2-Winifred atwell and her pianos-Caravan/Gold and silver waltz
Oriole-Freight train -The chas McDevitt skiffle group-N.Whiskey/The cotton song-Bradbury wood
The classics club-Choral music of the middle ages by perotinus and others-Dessoff choirs P.Boepple
The classics club-J.S.Bach-CThe classics club
The classic club- Thomas Tallis, Orlando Gibbons- choral music- New York..
Dinu Lipatti with the Philharmonia orchestra conducted by Alceo Galliera , Grieg piano concerto..
Decca-Puuccini opera highlights- Madama Butterfly, Tosca, Turandot, La Boheme- A. Erede

Argo- Simon Preston organ recorded in Westminster abbey- Julius Reubke- Max Reger-Toccata and.
Haydn- concerto in d major for Harpsichord and orchestra, Bach- concerto in D minor, Syl.Marlowe
Mono-HMV- Hiawatha's wedding feast-Coleridge-Taylor-Sir Malcolm Sargent-Royal choral society..
Bach- The Goldberg variations- Millicent Silver- Michelangelo N.16
Philips The art of the organ Volume 1- Purcell Sweelinck/Buxtehude/J.S.Bach-E. Power biggs
Basic Conversational French -The express course by Daily Express- 2 records (lesson 1-4)
Decca -Characteristic
C.Gill Radio & Electrical Accessories and repair 23 Pydar street, Truro young ladies Gospel singing choir with rev. Stainer Smith-Private recording
High Fidelity- Test record- How to use..GRR-I 1957
Philips- I love Paris- M. Legrand and his orchestra/La vie en rose/La Seine
Marble -Dick Emery sings- Mine, Grateful, Wait for me..
Decca- Clifford Curzon- Piano concerto in A minor Grieg/Franck -variations symphoniques 1959
Argo-Benjamin Britten- Noye's Fludde recorded at the XIVth Aldeburgh Festival-N.O.Brannigan
Deep Purple- The music of Peter De Rose- Tutti Camarata- Leo Addeo and Frank Hunter
Great piano hits played by Derek Cox- Ivory Rag/Bewitched/Calcutta/Trudie..
Kapp- Roger Williams- More fabulous fifties
Let's dance to hits of the 30's and 40's The new world theatre orchestra-Pye Golden Guinea
Favourite marches- Tchaikovsky-Marche slave,J.Strauss-Radetzky March, Verdi, Berlioz..
Emi-Massed brass band festival concert from Belle vue- Harry Mortimer- Studio 2 stereo
Huckleberry hound-The great Family TV show-Daws Butler,Don Messick, J. Barbera,Willia Hanna
Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty- from orig. ballet Tchaikovsky-Top Rank-Mary Costa..
Pye-This is Hancock,Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, B.Kerr,K. Williams..
Bad animals- Heart EMI- Who will you run to/Alone/RSVP/Easy target..
Gloria Estefan and Miami sound machine -Anything for you/Let it loose..
Glen Frey (Eagles), Allan Blazek 1984- MCA- The Allighter/Sexy girl/Igot love..
Foreigner- Cold as Ice, Hot blooded/Long,long way from home/ Juke box hero..
Christmas round the fireside 1987- The twelve days of Xmas/I saw three ships
Elton John- Too low for zero- I 'm still standing/Religion/Crystal/Saint..
ZZ Top- Eliminator-B.Gibson, D.Hill, F.Beard- Legs/Thug/TV dinners/Bad girl..
Billy Joel- Greatest hits Volume I & II- Piano man/ Only the good die young/You may be right.
Men at work- Cargo 1982- Overkill and It's mistake..
Strings in Tempo- Victor Silvester and his Silver Strings double- Carnival/Manuel and The Music of 
Songs from Walt Disney's -The jungle book and favourites-Mike Sammes Singers and Geoff Love
Cocktails with Cavallaro- piano with rhytm accompaniment- A very precious love..
Hi-fi stereo- Pete Rugolo- An adventure in sound- brass- My mother's eyes,..
Bruce Willis- The return of Bruno, Comin' right up/James Bond is back/Lose myself/..
Electic Light orchestra- Out of the blue- DOUBLE -Turn to stone/Night in the city/Sweet is the nigh
Dance with me- RCA- Vaghn Monroe-Camden- Toyland/So in love/I get kick out of you/..
MFP 1965-The sound of music- Rogers-Hammerstein II-M.Hartley,S.Chapman,H.Bishop..
Time to dance- Ambrose and his orchestra- The best of Gershwin and Berlin/...
Fontana-Tchaikovsky overture "1812"- Capriccio italien/Romeo and Juliet/I. Markevitch, B.Haitink
The world of "Your hundered best tunes"- Wagner, Grieg,Toselli, Tchaikovsky, Liszt, Weber...
The tender touch-Laura, The girl from Ipanema- The John Hawkins orchestra& Jack Winsley
Tacticos and his Bouzoukis play- Music from the Greek Islands - Zorba the Greek Never on Sunday
Rapture- Anita Baker- Sweet love/You bring me joy/Mystery..
16 hit tracks- Complete madness- embarrasment/Shut up/Baggy trousers/House of fun..
Level 42- Running in the family/Lessons in love/ To be with you again/Two solitudes..
Hptel California- The Eagles- New kid in town/ Life in the fast lane/ Wasted time..
Asylum records- The Eagles- Their gratest hits 1971-1975- One of these nights/Take it to the limit..
The golden aghe EMI- Bix Beiderbecke- Humpty Dumpty/ Trumbology..
Bangles- Different light- Walki like an Egyptian/ Manic Monday/ Walking down your street..
Terence Trent D'arby- Rain/ As yet untitled/..
The Jam- SNAP- a beat concerto 1983 DOUBLE- In the city/Thick as thieves/ English rose..
Matt Monro- For the Present- First of May/Michelle/ Bridge over troubled water/ 1971, 1972
10cc Bloody tourists- Dreadlock holiday/ For you and I/ Tokyo/ Old Mister time..
The brass are commin'- Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass- Sunny/ Moon river..
SRO- Herb Alpert & The Tijuana brass- Our day will come/ Mexican road race/..
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana brass- Casino Royale- Wade in water/Lady Godiva..
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana brass- Warm The sea is my soul/ Without her/ Marjorine/..
Classics up to date by James Last-Barcarole/Prisoners' chorus/Nocturne..
The world of your hundred best tunes Vol 5- Alan Keith- Beethoven, Handel, Dvorak, Clarke..
Favourite Strauss waltzes- Blue Danube/Tales from Vienna woods/Artist's life 1000's and 1 nights.TWO records
Dancing a GOGO with the Max Greger orchestra DOUBLE - Some of these days/ Anything goes...
Royal Philharmonic orchestra -Colin Davis- Rosini overtures- The Italian Girlin Algires-W.Tell..
Starline- My boy Bill and other great Rodgers and Hammerstein Songs- Vince Hill..
HMV Spanish Castanets ! Emma Maleras and her Spanish ballet- y su ballet espanol..
Nana Mouskouri in New York- cond. By Torrie Zito, Al Cohn ,Ch. Albertine- The moon at all..
The Best of Lena Martell- Let me try again/Somewhere my love/Nevertheless (I'm loving you)..
Klaus Wunderlich Pop party- Vol. 1- 28 party hits non-stop-Rasputin/Summer nights/Baker street
Manuel and the music of the mountains-Y VIVA ESPANA/ South of the border..
Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band- Landsdowne Jazz Series..
The world of your hundred best tunes Vol. 6- Eine kleine Nachtmusic/Fantasia on green sleeves.1973
Geoff Love and his Orchestra play-Big war movie themes- 633 squaedron/ The great escape march..
Rachmaninov- Concerto No.2 in C minor for piano and orchestra, Op. 18-Igor Mavranov piano..
The world of your hundred best tunes Vol. 7- Karelia suite- Alla Marcia/ Hear my prayer..
Joe Loss and his orchestra -Nonstop Latin Lovelis- I want to be happy-cha cha/If-rumba..
The beat of the brass- Herb Alpert& The Tijuana brass- Cabaret/Thanks for the memory/Monday. Herb Alert's ninth & Tijuana brass- Cowboys and Indians/Flea bag..
Herb Alert's ninth & Tijuana brass- Summertime/Jerusalem/Catch a falling star..
Herb Alert's ninth & Tijuana brass- Whipped cream & other delights- QA taste of honey/Tangerine.
James Last- Non stop evergreens- Manana/Goody goody/ Rum and coca-cola/In the mood..
Dorita y Pepe- Guadalajara/La donosa/La Malaguena/Cholita/..
Carnival manuel & the music of the mountains- Mascara negra/How insensitive/Honeymoon song..
The very best of Bert Kaempfert- Wunderland by nacht/Catalania/A swinging safari..
Starline- marching with the marines- A life on the ocean wave/ Anchors Aweigh/..
Golden hour of Shep's banjo boys-Baby face/Four leaf clover/ Pasadena/Bill Bailey/ Cabaret..
The Waikiki brass visit Tijuana with Jack de Mello- South of the border/Tacos and Poi/Chi chi..
Herb Alert's ninth & Tijuana brass- Going places- Zorba the Greek/ A walk in the black forest Mae.
The Longines Symphonette proudly presents More of the sound of gay Fiesta- South of the border.BIG- few records in RED box
MCA Jaws- One barrel chase/Chrissie's death/Promenade/Sea attack/The Indianapolis story

Big blue case 78's without covers
HMV -There! I've said it again/The very thought of you- Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra..
Brunswick- It all depends on you/Let me sing and I'm happy- Jerry Lewis- Jack Pleis..
Columbia-Just one of those things- Doris Day/Shanghai with Paul Weston..
Vera Lynn- with the Roland Shaw orchestra -Unfaitful you/With your love
Capitol With a song in my heart- Jane Froman and orchestra cond. By Sid Feller/I'll walk alone
Brunswick- Jingle Bells -Bing Crosby + Andrews sisters/Santa Claus is comin'
Brunswick- Rudolph the red nose reindeer-Johnny Marks,Bin Crosby/The Teddy bears picnic
Hey there from The Pajama Game"/Lita Roza with Bob Sharples & his music/Hernando's hideaway
Decca-Band of gold--Rosemary Squires&R.Shaw orch./Where you are-Swanson, Roberts
HMV- Gold and silver-Marek Weber/Blue Danube..
Jimmy Unknown- Lita Roza- Yale music/The rose tattoo- Maddox music
Brunswick- - The King's new clothes- Danny Kaye with Fordon Jenkins and his chorus and orchestr
/The ugly duckling- E.H. Morris music
Rex- Waltz selection- Reginald Dixon (The Blackpool organist)- Falling in love Again..
RCA- Mary's boy child- Harry Belafonte/Eden was just like this
Broadcast Twelve -On wings of song (Mendelssohn)/Serenata No. 1 (Tosselli)- Wurlitzer organ
Decca-Love and marriage-Joan Regan with R.Shaw orch/Croce di oro
London american recordings-Jubilee (The laughing song)/I need a vacation-Jim Backus-Mo Garson
London american recordings-Jubilee - Laura K.Bryant/Bobby- Sheldon music
Columbia-You will remember Vienna- A.Sandler/I bring a love song..
Columbia- Stranger in paradise-from Kismet-sung by Ronnie Harris& Ray Martin orch./I wonder
Decca-Charmaine-Mantovani and his orch./Diane..
Decca-Tweedlee-dee- Suzi Miller and The Johnston brothers/That is all I want from you..
Parlophone-Remember me-You taught me to love sung by Steve Lawrence
Parlophone-El mosquito-samba-Roberto Inglez/Again-Beguine- film Roadhouse- Newman
Columbia- Never-film Golden Girl, David Hughes/Only you will ever know
Zonophone-O come, all ye faithful- Trinity choir/Joy to the wold (Handel)
Decca-At the woodchoppers' ball (Bishop)-Winifred Atwell -piano/Lazy train
London origins of jazz- Classic Jazz piano-Jelly Roll Morton-Froggie Moore/Mamamita
Decca- The ying tong song-The Goons/Bloodnok's rock'n'roll call- Carbone
London american recordings- When the swallows come back to Capistrand-Pat boone/April love
HMV -What is my destiny-Malcolm Vaughan with Frank Cordell/Oh! My papa
Philips-Got-at have something in the bank, Frank/Single-Frankie Vaughan&Wally Scott..
Adeste fideles (O come All Ye faithful)/ Santo Natale (Merry Chrismas).
London american recordings- Carousel in Rome- David Seville,Bourne music/Armen..theme
Parlophone-Out of the gallion/The old grey mare-Humphrey Lyttelton..
Mercury-You'll never, never know(Miles,Robi, Williams)/It isn't right
HMV- Serenade from The student prince-Mario Lanza/Drinking song
Mercury-My dream (Buck ram)/I wanna Pye- Southern music
Mercury- Little darlin'- The diamonds-D.Carroll/Faithful and true
HMV-That's when your heartaches begin-Elvis Presley/All shook up with The Jordanaires
HMV-Rock and roll waltz-Kay Starr/I'vechanged my mind a thousand times
HMV-Mario Lanza- Earthbound/This land- The Lord don't play favourites)
Oriole-Rainbow- Russ Hamilton accomp. By Johnny Gregory/We will make love
Columbia-The gal with the yaller shoes-Michael Holliday/Hot diggity (Dog ziggity boom)
Capitol-Gunsmoke-Tex Ritter/The wayward wind (Lebowsky-Newman)
Philips- In the candlelight- Johnie Ray with Ray Conniff&orch./Just walking in the rain
Mercury- The great pretender as featured in film Rock around the clock/Only you (and you alone)
Philips -The Ricky tick song-The Kaye sisters/Dark moon 1957 first
Philips- Today will be yesterday tomorrow- Doris Day with Frank De Vol/Twelve o'clock tonight
London american recordings-Just between you and me-The chordates/Echo of love
LINGUAPHONE Conversational course I& II French sounds 1-30
Complete in black case
LINGUAPHONE de Francais 1-50 complete with books (Explanatory notes, Vocabularies and Text of sounds record, Table des matieres, Students instructions)in white box
In Criterion box
Columbia- CWM Rhondda-Welsh hymn singing by 4000 voices leader: G.Shaw/Hyfrydol
HMV-Constant and true-Ronnie Hilton-Frank Corbell/Two different worlds
HMV- Nearer, My god, to thee (Dykes)/When I survey the wondrous cross (Miller) Westminster
London American recordings- Be-Bop baby-Ricky Nelson/Have I told you lately that I love you
Columbia- Little grey home in the west/Where my caravan has rested- Edgar Coyle
Decca- Six-five special- The Bob Cort Skiffle/Roll Jen Jenkins- Essex music
HMV- The distant shore/The lost chord- The bandof HM colds ream guards
Columbia- Abide with me/Ave Maria-J.H.Squire celeste octet
Rex-Lonely lane Film: Football coach/Play to me, gyppsy-Bob and Alf Pearson
HMV--Stars and stripes march- military band/Turkish patrol
Columbia-As with gladness men of old/Brightest and best of the sons of the morning (Bach)
Philips-Skating time-Jealous-Ken Griffin at the organ- Marie/Gimme A little kiss
HMV-Railroad blues/A penny for a song- Sid Phillips and his band
Parlophone- Marianne-The king brothers/Little by little- Geoff Love
Pye nixa -Gonna find me a bluebird-Petula Clark/Will all my heart 1957 first
Philips- The night ride/The wally Scott orch./The cat from coos bay
RCA-Island in the sun-HarryBelafonte/Cocoanut woman
HMV- Sachool day-Don Lang and his "Frantic five/Six-five special
Mercury- I love Paris- Georgia Gibbs with orchestra Glen Osser-/Under Paris skies
Parlophone- Be my girl- Jim Dale/You shouldn't do that
Columbia- The old rugged cross- William MacEwan/We will talk it o'er together, bye-and -bye
Mercury- I'm sorry/He's mine- The Platters Pye Southern music
Decca- Richochet- Joan Regan The Squadronaires/ Merry go rounds and swings
London american recordings- Gonna get along without ya now/ The moon tree- Patience & prudence
Philips- Happy Christmas little friend/Rosemary Clooney/Shoo,Turkey, shoo
Columbia-O for thousand tongues to sing/Soldiers of christ (Handel&Wesley-methodist 1932
London american recordings- Searchin'/Young blood- The coasters
Vogue Coral- A sweet old fashioned girl- Teresa Brewer/Goodbye John
Brunswick-Smoke gets in your eyes-Jeri Southern/Fire down below
Capitol -Junior records- Mr Buzzard-Tex Ritter/Carbon, the copy cat
Capitol -Junior records- Bugs Bunny and the Pirate- Mel Blanc
Capitol- True love-Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly-Well did you evah? B.Crosby&Frank Sinatra
Siemens Pearl& Opal electric lamps The popular pair- Forget me not waltz
HMV-Sensation rag-St.Louis blues- Sid Phillips and his band
Columbia- Anthem-O saviour of the world/God is a spirit- St Geoge's chapel choir, Windsor
Mr.Acker Bilk requests- Travelling blues/Blake/Gladiolka Rag/..- Nixa jazz 
A voice records Limited- small unusual- Use only wooden needles- Personal message to Grandma..


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